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Biblical Symbols

Pamela Ayn Austen

Pamela Ayn Austen


Arrow:  Words that sink deep into the heart


BEAR:  Corporations or something that is incorporated. Merriam-Webster says incorporated means: to unite or work something already existent so as to form an indistinguishable whole.

BIRD WINGS: Fleeting; also an influencer, small or great depending on the size and number of the wings.

BLOOD:  Life; God's love and life

BRASS OR BRONZE:  Propitiation; atonement from judgement. 


CHEWS the CUD:  Learning and meditating on the truths of God's word.

CLOUDS:  God's power to hide the truth, letting it be seen only by faith.  (Accompanying Article)

CLOVEN HOOF:  A person who has separated their life from others in the world.


DRAGON:  Satan

DRUNKENNESS:  Mind of a beast, or out of one's mind.


EYES:  One's personal judgement concerning what they see and hear. 

EVIL EYES:  One's personal judgement based on a selfish and wrong premise, leading to bad judgment and unjust words and actions.  The Pharisees of Jesus's day had evil eyes from selfish ambition and jealousy, leading to Jesus's death on the cross. 


FAT:  Well-being

FIRE:  The Holy Spirit's judgement, letting pass without harm those and that which is spiritually holy and those whom God has cleansed, and burning up all that is unholy and sinful.  The Holy Spirit is represented as the fire of God.  Heaven is protected by a wall of, what appears to be, clear crystal that contains fire, according to the book of Enoch. (Accompanying Article)

FISH:  Truth from the depths of the heart.

FLOOD:  Complete overwhelming covering or blotting-out what is beneath.

FROG:  The deceitfulness of duplicity; hypocrisy.


GOLD:  Perfection


HORN:  Authority with the strength of an army behind it.

HORSE:  Strong, widespread movement.


IRON:  Severe, unrelenting and overpowering destruction, whether for good or evil.  Jesus will rule with an iron fist, relentlessly destroying all evil and all that offends; whereas Anti-Christ crushes and destroys all that is of God, all that is true, all that is good.


LAMP:  Holder of Faith in God, such as, the human heart, and what allows the illumination of light (God) from faith (oil).  

LAMP that BURNS:  A person that actively and consistently gives testimony about the truth, Jesus and the Gospel, by their faith.

LEAVES:  Spiritual health, either green or withered.

LEOPARD:  Predatory by nature.

LION:  That which causes great fear as it devours something entirely, leaving nothing; it is ferocious rapacity (aggressive greed).


MOUNTIAN:  An authoritative body before which a particular doctrine or frame of thought is first presented, and then that authority judges it, and that authority either becomes the powerful underpinning for that doctrine, or it rejects it and casts it down from its cliffs.  (Accompanying Article)


NUMBERS:  Used to maintain order; used to bring something to its end so as to give it an identity.  


OIL:  Faith

OUT of the EARTH:  Government 


PILLARS:  Protector of knowledge ("Wisdom has hewn out her seven pillars," perfect protection over God's wisdom.  "God upholds the pillars of the Earth," perfect protection over God's creation-knowledge that allows the Earth to endure). 


RAIN: God's blessings

RIBS:  Nations

ROBE:  Honor if the robe is clean and bright; dishonor if the robe is dirty or torn.


SALT:  God's determination, or our determination to persevere by God's Spirit.  (Accompanying Article)

SCROLL:  God's word sent out on a mission, whether revealed to the physical realm or hidden inside the spiritual realm.

SEA:  Masses of people; a seemingly eternal state or number of something, i.e.  a sea of love; an ocean of fear, etc.

SILVER:  Joy and profit  (Accompanying Article)

SMOLDERING WICK:  A person who still has faith in Jesus but has stopped actively giving their testimony due to discouragement (see LAMP).

STATUE:  Human pride

STONE:  Immovable, solidly fixed impossibility (except in God's power). 

STORK:  Might be an unclean spirit that gathers many people into secret societies for devious widespread influence through bribes and blackmail from activity within an immoral system (Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Knights Templar, etc.).  Storks make their home in lofty places, but come to the ground to stealthily fill their belly with the weak and unsuspecting whom they have individually picked off after quietly observing them.     


TREE:  A person or nation.




WATER:  God's grace.  (Accompanying Article)

WINE and OIL:  God's life and love, and our faith in God.   NEW WINE may be romantic love.

WIND:  Spiritual mover of circumstances; the choosing, presence, and movement of God's Spirit.

WINGS OF THE WIND or WIND IN THE WINGS:  Fast, purposeful spiritual movement.

WOOD:  Natural Instinct without the Holy Spirit.  (Accompanying Article)

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