The Bronze Claws of

The Fourth Beast

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Pamela Ayn Austen

Bronze or Brass in Scripture symbolizes Atonement or Propitiation.  

Jesus's feet were seen in John's vision in Revelations 1:15 to be as polished bronze refined in a furnace, because he walked in this life to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.  He is our propitiation.  

The snake lifted up in the desert by Moses was made of bronze, and it symbolized the atoning sacrifice of the future Savior, Jesus. 

However, the brass or bronze claws of the fourth beast of Daniel, or the last empire on earth before Jesus returns, also means atonement, though not to save us but to condemn us.  

In the last empire, such as we're living in today, the beast system will bring constant accusation against people and will demand they make atonement for whatever they're being accused of, such as:  being a Jew, being a Christian, being white, being against abortion or homosexuality, or for not believing the scam of global warming, or the evils of globalism.  

Society will become a mass of constant demands for atonement, such as what is happening now in South Africa and in America, where whites are being condemned for "whiteness"; and while blacks in the U.S. congress are demanding white people make financial atonement for the past American sin of slavery, South Africa is stealing white farmers' land, killing white land owners, and the government itself is telling people to kill whites.  

Whereas Jesus came to be the atoning sacrifice for us, to save us from our sins, the beast system will demand that the transgressors of its kingdom make atonement for their own sins, even if that atonement requires them to die.  

We are currently, all over the world, seeing the beast's bronze claws slashing people down with public shaming and blame and condemnation through social media and political correctness.  But the beast system has been around since the days of the Roman empire which crucified Jesus, though he was innocent, and later the Roman Catholic Inquisitions murdered innocent Christians, and on up to Hitler, and today's China with their "reeducation camps" and social credit through constant surveillance of every individual. If anyone does anything the Communist government deems offensive to it, they are not allowed to travel or live normally.  They are forced to make atonement, and their lives are slashed and wounded.    

Even as I write this, the Democrats in America are labeling everything President Trump says as "racist", and they are demanding atonement through impeachment.  Twenty-four hour news is a constant stream of accusations and blaming; and social media is crushing people's spirits and breaking their hearts, and many have committed suicide over things said to them and about them on-line.  

But the true severity of the bronze claws will come when each person is required to connect to the "internet of things" by way of the brain chip that Elon Musk has already invented, and those who refuse to accept the chip, or the mark of the Beast, will be required to make atonement. Scripture tells us that they will not be allowed to buy or sell, Rev. 13:17  and eventually, they'll be killed to make atonement for this transgression.  


Yet understand, Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and through his blood, we are saved and forgiven when we have faith in him.  Jesus made atonement for us before the Father, and he is our propitiation.  Jesus was slashed and killed by the bronze claws of atonement so that we don't have to be.  But Satan will demand, as he's always demanded, that mankind make atonement for its own sins by dying and going to the lake of fire with him and his demon horde. 

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