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Pamela Ayn Austen

A frog in Scripture symbolizes the evil of duplicity.   

Water symbolizes God's grace.  However, air is mentioned as being the domain of Satan, for he is called the Prince of the Power of the Air.   The frog travels back and forth between water and air; meaning at one point, he seems to be a child of God in God's grace and kingdom; but another time, he appears to be Satan's child in Satan's domain. 

Integrity means oneness, but a frog represents the evil of duplicity and deceit.  It does not have integrity, and it does not remain in one condition.  At first it's a fish-like creature called a tadpole, and then it's a land dwelling , four-legged creature, and it spends its entire life maneuvering between two or more different realities, maintaining loyalty to none. 


It's in the water, it's in the air, it's buried in the mud, it's on the ground, it's in the trees, it's in the weeds.  It's untrustworthy, like a deceitful person who uses lies to trick others into thinking they're one working for one thing, when they're really working for the opposite. 


Think:  false prophet, who appears good and Christian at the outset, but against the truth of Scripture, their teachings are revealed to be lies, vainglory, and greed.  Consider just about any televangelist of the Word of Faith crowd, and you have a prime example of people filled with the frog spirit.  They want people to send in money "for God", and they use that money to live like royalty in million dollar mansions, buying private jets and limousines.  They come across as being children of God in the water of God's grace; but they then leave that water and go out into the open air of Satan's kingdom, and become a different creature.  

The frog represents deceit and duplicity, and it represents hypocrisy that leads people to believe a lie.  



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