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Pamela Ayn Austen

Proverbs 31:31

31:31. Give her the fruit of her labor; and let her works praise her in the gate.

Here is the difference in Jesus and a mean person: 

Jesus wants us to bear "much fruit", and he wants us to profit from our labor, and he wants us to receive credit and praise for our hard work and our worthy efforts.

A mean person does not want us to have the profit of our labors, and they certainly do not want us to receive credit and praise for it, and they'll do things and say things to take our product and our praise away from us.  

Example 1:

I used to have a mother-in-law who gave a show of being a Christian, but she worked to undermine me in many underhanded ways, and she was finally one of the instigators of my divorce, but when I was young, in my twenties, my new husband bought a four-track recorder.  I was shy, and though I could sing, I never sang in front of anyone due to my shyness. 


So, one day, I took the four-track recorder while I was alone, and I taped myself singing a hymn.  I let my relatives hear it, and they were pleased. 


When my mother-in-law heard that I had it and that my own relatives were praising me for my singing voice, my mother-in-law asked to hear the tape.  I took it to her and left it.  In a day or two, my relatives asked to hear it again, so I tried to get it back. 


Long story short:  my mother-in-law had deliberately destroyed the tape, and I never saw it again. My mother-in-law stole the product of my labor, and she deprived me of the credit I was receiving, (when I received so very little already), all because of her envy.  She could not tolerate me bearing "fruit" or receiving any credit or profit for my efforts. 


She did it again, not long after that, when I bought my best-friend a birthday present. My mother-in-law asked to see it, and then she deliberately destroyed it so that I couldn't give it to my friend, and I had to go at the last minute and buy a different, less well-thought-out gift. 


Example 2: 

When I was sixteen, I got a part-time, minimum wage job, and I earned my own money for the first time.  I didn't carry a purse, which my grandmother thought was a crime, and sometimes I would leave my little bit of earned money in my pocket.  In the night, she would get my money out of my jeans pocket and put it into her own purse.  When I asked if she had seen my money that had been in my pocket, she said, "Yes, it's in my purse; any girl that won't carry a purse doesn't deserve her own money!"  I only got my money back if I missed it and asked for it; otherwise, she kept it.  She denied me the profit and fruit of my labors, and she denied me any credit and praise for having gone out and earned it myself. 

Therefore, Jesus says, "Giver her the fruit of her labor; and let her works praise her in the gate."  

Jesus is just, and he loves us.  It is Jesus who created work and profit.  He wants us to bear fruit, to receive the profit of our efforts, and he wants us to receive fair and due credit.  

Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. 

John 10:10

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