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Pamela Ayn Austen

We tolerated secret societies until they finally stopped tolerating us.
   - Pamela Ayn Austen

Gang Stalking Demon Posessed Shadow Citizenry

     "And the demon answered, 'My name is Legion, for we are many.'" (Mark 5:9)


My name is Pamela Ayn Austen, and I have been a Targeted Individual for most of my adult life, though I didn't come to realize it until major damage was already done, and I had to learn about gang stalking the hard way. 


I have found the videos and articles below useful for myself and those interested in the reality of what seems like a crazy and fantastically fictional thing.  If I wrote a book, I would entitle it: The Crazy Truth About Gang Stalking.  Gang stalking is formulated to seem crazy, just so the Targets of it can be called crazy by the ones perpetrating it and carrying it out, especially by law enforcement and the courts, who have their own "doctors" waiting in the wings to "diagnose" Targets as paranoid schizophrenic, to institutionalize them and erase them from society.  A gang stalker was overheard saying, "Our agenda for the Target is institution, jail, or death."  They have three paths to take a Target like me off the scene, and to some degree or another, the gang stalkers, police, and courts have tried all three on me repeatedly, but Jesus has lifted me back up, each time, to their dismay.  I have no doubt they'll keep trying ad nauseum. 

Everything in my life is gone now, (home, money, the love of my grown children, pets, a thousand sabotaged jobs, a hundred hacked phones, closed bank accounts, a half dozen destroyed vehicles, etc.) except for this last unpaid-for SUV that I live in, and they're trying to take that away now (a gang stalker bashed it in, and the police stole it for three days and refused to tell me where it was, and they gave me a fake DUI, hoping to take my license away) (the day after I wrote those words, three sheriffs showed at my place of work, and an hour later, I walked out and my vehicle and the sheriffs were gone); in which case, when it's gone, I will have the clothes on my back and nothing more, (this became a reality the next day) as far as this life's goods are concerned.  However, Jesus has cloaked me with himself, and he is my constant shelter, friend, and heart's love.  I wish I could tell everyone reading this what I've been through all alone for the past year and half alone in my car by myself and surrounded 24/7 by sadistic gang stalkers and noise-making tricksters who don't let me out of their sight for ten seconds, and police, sheriffs, and highway patrolmen, who stop, search, accuse, and try to intimidate me nearly every single day. I wish I could tell everyone what Jesus has done for me in the isolated, poverty-stricken state I have been driven into by the wicked of this world. . .but I can't.  My life is a book of the Bible now; and my enemies' deeds can only be adjudicated in the fires of hell.  The die is cast for us all, at this point.  They are as Judas, as I stand with Jesus.  

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; but I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly."  In the spirit, I am rich, blessed of God, and on my way to eternal paradise.  Whatever they do to me more than what they've already done, of this much I am certain:  I am truly suffering in the will of Jesus, and so, great is my reward in heaven.   This is the Beast, and this is the end of the age, and these are the days Jesus warned us about 2000 years ago, so be strong and reconcile your heart to trudge through it and not give up, because our Lord calls us to be faithful until the end and to ENDURE.  Therefore, let us not be one of the ones who draws back in fear, but let us walk the path of Jesus, all the way to the cross and beyond.   

The Servant of Jesus - Pamela Ayn Austen (2022)


Retired NSA Analyst Exposes “Fusion Centers”, “Radio Waves Used Against American Public”  (video)

There are some things about gang-stalking that I still question, (like the notion that people have technology to read my mind), even though I've been put through the rounds as much as anybody; but other things that some whistle blowers claim are used to target a person, I have found out the hard way, do indeed exist.  One of them is the technology to watch people through walls using, I suppose, thermo-imaging.   


Because I've been homeless due to these people for so long, I have stayed in a lot of hotel rooms.  When it's night, and I wake up and set up in bed, someone will hit their key fob and honk their horn outside my room twice to three times.  I'll lie back down, and in a while, I'll set up again, in the dark, in the privacy of my own room, and the car will honk two or three times, as if on cue. They want me to know they're watching because mental and emotional torture is what drives the Target to suicide.  


When I'm sleeping in my SUV, as usual, with black out curtains on every window with no spot that isn't covered, and I set up in the night, in the pitch black, a car parked near me will honk twice or three times.  One night, in the dead of night, I barely moved a tiny corner of one of my curtains to look out.  No human being should have been able to see me.  It was dark out, my curtain was black, my window was tinted, and there was no light inside the car or outside to give a back light.  When I pulled the corner back to peek out with one eye, someone in a car facing me turned their bright lights on me.  When I dropped the curtain back down, they turned their lights out.  I waited a couple of minutes and then barely pulled the corner back again, and they turned their bright lights on me again.  Now, I had been asleep for hours, and it was like three or four in the morning, yet when I set up and peeked out, they were ready to instantly react and shine their lights on me. 


These people see me through walls and in my vehicle in the dead of night, and they've worked hard to make sure I know it.  If I'm naked, they see it.  If I go to the bathroom, they watch.  When I take a bath, they're there.  I have been robbed of the most basic human rights, and my every private moment is violated by God-knows who, who reports to God-knows whom.  Are my private moments being recorded and put on some dark web somewhere? I have read that gang-stalkers masturbate as they're tormenting a Target, so probably.  


I never allow myself to think on these things for more than a few seconds at a time, because it crushes the spirit, which is the primary purpose of doing it and letting me know they're doing it.  The human soul is dehumanized and demoralized by the very things these monsters have formulated against the Target, and it's how they get many people to commit suicide; and remember, this is the government and intelligence agencies; it is not a lone wolf organization.  "Touchless torture" they call it.  Human beings are delicate creatures within, and we thrive with love, and we wilt and die with malice.  This is why Jesus is imperative to the survival of the Target; because with Jesus dwelling within me and speaking to me and encouraging me, I can endure.  Without him, I would have died long ago, if not just from a broken heart.   


The Servant of Jesus - Pamela Ayn Austen (2022)


It might interest people to know that one of the reasons they're pushing for illegal aliens to enter the U.S. is because they are giving them cell phones and cars and paying them to gang-stalk Targets like me.  I have worked in many hotels since being a Target, and without exception, nearly all the non-English-speaking housekeepers are gang-stalkers, and they gang-stalk me at work, where I can't say anything or get away from it.  But even still, I am gang-stalked out in public, at least half of the time, by Hispanic people who don't appear to be able to speak English.  They're clearly being brought here for a reason, and I only know my VAST personal experience with them stalking me.  I deduce that they're being brought here and paid to gang-stalk Targets that the Democrate-led, politically weaponized FBI wants to eliminate from society due to the Target's Republican politics and/or outspoken Christian faith.  In the book Deep Black by William E. Burrows, who was a journalist, a retired American general told him that the military considered writers the greatest danger to them, since, as the general put it, writers' "speculation reveals our secrets."  I'm a writer; and the video at the top of this page from the security agency whistle blower states that the vast majority of Targets are outspoken writers and journalists.  The current attack on Americans' Constitutional right to free speech is coming from our own politicized military and intelligence agencies, who dance to the tune of the Left.   

My response to the above article: The Republicans in the Senate drag the FBI in for questioning about the targeting of Americans, and yet, never is the issue of slow-kill gang-stalking mentioned, and none of their brow-beating Senate investigations ever lead to anything.  They question them concerning colluding with Facebook and Twitter about silly posts; but the actual murder of innocent Americans by the FBI's gang-stalking syndicate is never mentioned.  These worthless Senate hearings are merely to give the appearance to Americans that something is being done about the abuses they're suffering from this government, and the abuses by the intelligence agencies that are rapidly intensifying.  These Senators merely whistle past the graveyard, because they know if they don't, they'll soon be living in a van down by the river, like me and every other T.I. who is still alive.  

A FACT about Gang-stalking: 

Gang-stalking is taking place every day in every place, and the reason non-gang-stalking and non-

targeted people don't realize it is, they aren't being targeted yet by the subliminal patterning.  It's happening right in front of their faces to someone nearby, but because they have not been subjected to months and years of the intense focused patterning by a mob of secretive and subtle cell-phone-obsessed strangers, it goes unseen by them, even when it's three feet in front of them.  So to those who are not Targets, I say: start noticing the number of people in society with their right hands clutched around their cell phone like a claw, like it's permanently glued there, and how they can't even walk from their car into a building without staring at their phone like they're hypnotized.  They aren't hypnotized; they are receiving directions on where the Target is, and what to do in front of them, like "cut them off", and "get in their way", and "get near them and snicker," and "nearly run your buggy into theirs," etc.  Then ten people will be told to do the same thing to the Target, such as in a grocery store, and before the Target can leave the store, ten people have repeated the same move on the Target that they have not done once to anyone else in the store.  The Target sees it, but no one else does.  Now, repeat this at the gas station, the bank, in their kids' school, at work with co-workers, driving home; and then relentlessly repeat it the next day and the next, and never ever stop.  Wear them down, exhaust them, take away all their joy in living, take away all their peace, isolate them, mock them, keep sounding your horns near them, infiltrate every part of their lives and find ways to destroy them until they have nothing left but sorrow, loss, and distress. . . slowly kill them.  All their psy-ops are based on subliminal patterning that eventually the Target wakes up to and calls out.  


1.  The gang-stalkers are "handled" through cell-phone messaging. Sometimes they text back and forth with their leaders, but sometimes they talk out-loud on the phone.  It isn't an APP.  It's real people talking and texting on the phone.  Mostly they text, but on a few occasions when they were talking and their phone was too loud, I heard what was said.  I know that many gang-stalkers are waiting for you up ahead as you travel, before you ever arrive at a spot, and one day, a woman in a mini-van beside me was talking to her leader on the phone, and her speaker was too loud, and I heard him fussing at her, and he said, "You shouldn't have been talking to me!  You should have been in your car thirty minutes before she ever got there!"  Apparently, there was some maneuver she was supposed to make in order to annoy me, but she wasn't in the right place at the right time, and she missed the opportunity. I knew she was a gang-stalker because she had a BF on her license plate, and in Tennessee, BF, BG, and BH on the plate means they're gang-stalkers. (BB means Target.) But what I learned was this:  they have their gang-stalkers waiting for you thirty minutes before you arrive, and that's how they can mob you at every town, every intersection, and every parking lot.  That's how they keep you ganged up on, intimidated, and harassed, whether you travel a block down the street or you drive from North Carolina to California.  Just imagine how much money is going into paying all these gang-stalkers in every vicinity in America and beyond.  Do you remember the trillion dollars that went unaccounted for when they audited the Pentagon?  Where do you imagine that trillion dollars went?  In part, I have no doubt, it went to pay a multi-million man standing army of secret civilian-stalkers and slow-killers.  The Pentagon never admitted to where the trillion dollars went, and they never will.  Do you really think the military is going to admit that they're paying one half of America to slow-kill the other half?  


2.  I learned that the leaders, whether they are FBI or some third-party security agency (hired so that the FBI can maintain plausible deniability), don't text or use the real name of the Target.  They give Targets like me code names, and the code name is used no matter what region of the country, or maybe the world, they travel, and they keep that name for the duration.  I found out my code name this way:  I started work at a hotel near Nashville, TN, and after a couple of days, I finally met their houseman.  He was a young black man, and though I had never seen him before, he walked in, looked around for me, saw me, and then smiled and said, "Pretty eyes."  He didn't say it like a compliment; he said it like he had been looking for someone named Pretty Eyes, and when he found them, he smiled and said their name in relief. 


About six months later, I drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  I went into a McDonalds and a young black man who worked there stopped mopping the floor and sat down and started texting as soon as I walked in heading toward the bathroom.  I said with a smile, "So they do it down here too?"  Of course they gang-stalked down there too, but I wanted to see if I could trick him into admitting he was gang-stalking me, so I acted nonchalant and friendly about it, and I didn't even name it out-loud.  He grinned and nodded and said, "Yeah, down here too."  I sat down beside him and said, "Can I ask you: who is it you answer to?"  He said, "I don't know.  I answered an Indeed job ad from a security company, and this is what they're having me do."  I said, "Do they pay you when you tell them you see me?"  He said, "No, you get paid by the hour.  It's $15 an hour.  They give you a debit card, and they put your pay on the card at the end of the week, like a lot of companies do."  I said, "Do they target a certain kind of person?"  He said, "Nah, it's all kinds."  I said, "I don't know how I got on their list.  Do you think I said or did something in the past that made them mad?"  He said, "It would just about have to be something like that." 


I went on to the bathroom, and when I came out, he was standing outside, leaning against the building texting, and I knew he was out there to report to his leader the second I left and which way I went.  But I was grateful he had at least talked to me about it, and he wasn't yet the evil demon that the majority of gang-stalkers are, because this young man was obviously brand new to gang-stalking, and he hadn't figured out yet that he was involved in the slow-murder of innocent human beings by a Satanic Nazi deep-state.  As I was backing out of the parking space, with him doing the rapid two-thumb pound on his cell phone, I rolled down the window and waved and yelled, "Thank you!"  He looked up and waved and yelled, "Be blessed, Pretty Eyes!"  And once again, the young man didn't say it as a compliment but as a nick name.  And that's when I knew that my FBI Targeted Individual code name is Pretty Eyes, and I imagine I was so-named many years earlier when I was young and my eyes were my best feature, and it does occasionally make me wonder who saw me and was put to the task of giving me a permanent code name, and this is what struck them about me.  I'll find out on the day of judgment when they and their ilk are bowing at my feet begging for forgiveness while weeping uncontrollably, just before they're thrown into the lake of fire, but still.  It makes me wonder where and when and by whom this code name came to be.


I went to an attorney and tried to tell him that since I knew my code name, we could hold the FBI leaders and cell phone companies liable, and we could subpoena every instance of my code name being texted and spoken in Tennessee over all the cell phone towers, because cell phone companies are 100% liable for facilitating gang-stalking and the deliberate destruction and murder of tens of thousands of Targeted people in this nation.  This lawyer began to shake and he got up and ushered me out of his office and nearly pushed me out the door, and I heard it lock behind me.  Just knowing that I knew my code name used by the murderous deep state made him just about pee his pants.  But I'm reminded of Jesus's words, "He who tries to save his life will lose it; and he who loses his life for My sake and the Gospel shall save it for eternity."  Oh, there's no doubt I've lost my life for Jesus and the truth; and right now, I'm nothing but a shell of who I used to be; and every move I make now is simply going through the motions, having little more than the clothes on my back; and if they can find a way to rip those off of me and burn them in front of me, they will, let there be no doubt.  As of today, I have been plunged by this deep-state Nazi government into utter poverty, loss, and sorrow, and I'm completely isolated, ganged up on, and thrown into the dirt over and over and over, every day.  But, as the Apostle Paul said at the end of his life, "I am dead to this world, and this world is dead to me."  I know exactly what Paul meant by that, and I'm there with him.  I also understand him perfectly when he said, "For it seems to me that God has displayed us apostles at the end of the procession, like prisoners appointed for death. We have become a spectacle to the whole world, to angels as well as to men. We are fools for Christ, but you are wise in Christ. We are weak, but you are strong. You are honored, but we are dishonored. To this very hour we are hungry and thirsty, we are poorly clothed, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are vilified, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer gently. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world."  

Well, I'm not an apostle, and when I'm slandered, I get mad; and when I'm vilified, I rarely bless in return.  However, when persecuted, I endure, because it's what Jesus has called me to do.  And I could speak the rest of these verses from Paul right to the church myself, because it is true.  During my years of being driven into the dirt by gang-stalking, the churches, whom I've been to for help several times, not only have not helped me, but I find gang-stalkers in their midst; and not only so, but they are the pastors, the deacons, the trustees and their wives. I have had one pastor after another reveal they were gang-stalkers.  Oh, the stories I could tell about what I've witnessed in these grotesquely twisted, gang-stalking, greedy, stingy church assemblies. The church in America has been fully infiltrated by Luciferian, deceiving Freemasons, and true Christians have taken themselves underground, as I have been forced to do. 


The true church, the true Temple of God, is hidden now; it is no longer any organized gathering you see on the corner under a steeple.  Those churches are as deep-state as the government; and a true Christian should be wary now.  I literally had a Methodist trustee in Franklin, TN chase me across a grassy field in his black GMC SUV as he gang-stalked me and I tried to run and hide; and another deacon and his wife gang-stalked me as I fled back to my vehicle.  Five Baptist church congregations in Tennessee literally chased me from their parking lot as I sat in the middle of the afternoon trying to pray and read the Bible in my homeless, beaten down state, and they were holding up their cell phones to show me they were gang-stalkers.  And though I went to church after church telling them what I was going through, not one helped me, not one offered to pray with me, and they all sent me away with sneers and put-downs and gaslighting.  And what I found remarkable was:  every one of these so-called Christians and their churches came at me with the same spirit of malice, as if in concert, because gang-stalking is coordinated, and these churches were coordinated in turning me out and chasing me away.  The church in America is in hiding; and what people see in churches now is a seething caldron of deceptive, deep-state Nazi, Freemason conniving with a fake Christian facade; and in saying all that, it is in no way slander.  I've had years to scratch at the skin of local churches in my hour of severe and deadly persecution, when I literally thought any day might be my last, but their blood ran green every time. They sided with the devil; they sided with the gang-stalkers; they sided with the enemy; and they stood against Jesus and against me every chance they were given.     



3.  When I was first made homeless, and I was living in my car in Knoxville, TN, I would go to this huge park that had a dog park as well.  I'd Doordash a while, then take the little bit of money and buy a hamburger, then I'd park near the dog park and watch the people and their dogs while I ate.  One day, not long after I pulled up, two vehicles pulled into parking spaces directly behind me, and a fat older woman got out of one vehicle, and an older man got out of the other.  Even though they had grassy fields and nicer places to sit at the park, and even a pavilion on the other side of the sidewalk from where they were, they sit up lawn chairs behind their vehicles and right on the parking lot where cars were constantly passing between them and me.  


They set up several chairs and card tables, and I figured more people were coming and they were going to play cards.  More old people did come, but it wasn't cards they spread out on their card tables, but each person spread out several cell phones in front of them.  They hovered over them and talked.  I watched them for a long time in my rear view mirror.  As time went by, I finally figured out what they were doing.  They were gang-stalkers, and they were gaming the system, and doing it directly behind me, because I was a Target. 


They were communicating with the gang-stalking leader, and they were reporting on me and any other Target that came in and out of the park.  By using several phones each, they were pretending to be that many gang-stalkers so that they could earn that much more money from the syndicate.  I've since seen other gang-stalkers holding two or three phones at a time.  For older gang-stalkers and the lazy, they don't follow people around and waste their gas, but rather, they sit in a busy thoroughfare, like a convenience store, park, or mall, and they pick the Targets off as they pass-by, and they report on them and do what their leader tells them to do to work in unison with other stalkers in the vicinity.  

Different gang-stalkers are paid in different ways, and they're not all from secretive third-party security agencies.  Gang-stalkers, as I've heard from whistle-blowers, have to prove themselves before they are promoted to more lucrative contracts, like the position of "trickster" and "street theater actors."  The more sadistic a new gang-stalker shows themselves to be, the faster they move up the ladder: so says a gang-stalking leader whistle-blower.


On that day, though, I heard the older woman talking to the older man as she held a cell phone in each hand, and she lifted her left cell phone and said, "I say it in this phone," and then she lifted her right phone and finished, "and it comes out this one."  In other words, she was using one cell phone to report to her leader about a Target, and then the leader was sending out the information to all the gang-stalkers in the vicinity on his list so that they could come and mob me or other T.I.s,  hence the term gang stalking.  (Gang-stalkers are quite casual about their evil deeds against innocent people.  They have long since lost a conscience, and to them, it's all a game, or rather, a hunting sport.  It's a treasure hunt, and they get real money for doing the Nazi's brown-shirt commands.)  


I've read from other Targets on-line about the "bee swarm": when so many gang-stalkers are circling them that it's like being in a bee swarm.  This is how it's done.  As the woman illustrated:  only one gang-stalker has to reveal a Target's exact location, and the leader then mass texts God-knows how many stalkers in the vicinity: maybe hundreds, maybe thousands, and then many of them descend on the Target with cell phones in hand and orders on how to all make the same small gestures and movements to subliminally convey a pattern to the Target that the Target finally just can't miss or dismiss. In the end, simply strategically parking several cars, still running, headlights on, with the stalkers typing on their cell phone, in the Target's path as they walk across a parking lot has the right amount of psychological menacing to call it a successful day.  If I get off the bus near a Walmart, and start walking toward the Walmart, by the time I reach the door, which will be flanked by at least three stalkers, the stalkers in cars will be in a military line-up along my route with lights on, cars pointed toward me, with the stalkers on their cell phones occasionally looking up at me for just the right length of time to let me know I'm the honorary subject of their texts.  They all make the same subtle moves, subtle looks, subtle facial expression, and they have the same wicked spirit of menacing emanating from their being. No one else in the whole-wide world would suspect them of anything, let alone the travesty of slow-kill murder, and to dare accuse them would be insane: but by God, they are a knife in the heart to a worn-down Target, and they intend it so.  


But if the Target is old-hat with gang-stalking, as I am, there really doesn't even have to be a pattern anymore.  The Target knows them by spirit and body movement.  The Target has been subjected to the subliminal patterning for so long that their mind and spiritual senses form muscle-memory, and they literally feel in their spirit if someone is a stalker or not, because the person throws off an aura of malicious-intent, even though to anyone else standing around, they aren't doing anything but texting or driving or standing or shopping.  You can see why this is crazy-making for the Target who alone is subjected to it, but if the Target points it out to non-gang-stalked family or friends, they're suspected of being paranoid delusional. How easy it is then for the Target to be taken down in society and isolated and finally destroyed.  Their credibility is shot, even though they are telling the truth and what they're suffering is real. And even if someone wanted to help them, the fear of becoming a Target themselves prevents them; and too, that same fear of becoming a Target is what prevents gang-stalkers from revealing the syndicate or admitting what they're doing to the Target.  They see what's done to the lives of Targets first-hand, and they know if they blab, they'll be destroyed in the exact same way, and they're afraid.  


Whoever engineered this Death Cult of Gang-stalking fulfills the scripture prophecy about the Anti-Christ, "He will be a master of intrigue."  It's so diabolically genius, it's otherworldly.  It is a method of destroying one person and tearing their reputations and lives to tiny bits, and all while no-one is willing or able to help them.  It is truly the destruction of this thing God created called humanity.  Someone has studied the mind and spirit of human beings and formulated a plan to destroy the very nature and essence of what gives a human the ability to live and thrive.  It is killing the humanity in a human being, all while leaving the physical body alone.  And the true genius is this:  those people who are paid to gang-stalk are having their humanity destroyed in a totally different way, because it's their conscience that is being so scarred by days and weeks and months and years of slow-killing people they personally have no argument with, that makes them every day psychopaths and murderers, even if they weren't born that way.  I am of the opinion that these people have turned themselves into conscienceless killers, because, having had tens of thousands of people trying to slow-kill me, even while treating it like a card-game party, I can come to no other conclusion.  But in the topmost video, the gang-stalking whistle-blower states that the pys-ops against the gang-stalkers is more powerful than those against the Targets, because the powers over it have more to lose and fear if the stalkers develop a conscience and start blabbing.  Therefore, the stalkers are more controlled than the Targets, and I personally would just call it good-old-fashion demon possession.  I've heard other Targets says, "These people are possessed!"  That's about right.    

TARGETED For Police Entrapment: What the man says in this video is absolutely true, and they've tried to entrap me many times.  They have tried to entrap me with long-lost friends, relatives, co-workers, bosses, etc.  Police have tried to entrap me for DUI, drugs, and mental illness, and all using street-theater and street-actors.  ALL police in every town, city, and state in America are entirely compromised, and they actively set-up innocent people for jail, institution, and death. Beware of all police agencies, from lowest to highest, in America.  They are no longer anyone's friend or hero, because if they're not gang-stalking you, they're blackmailing and coercing people into the criminal world of gang-stalking.  BEWARE!  Know your rights, and never trust police, no matter how pleasant they act, because it really is an act.  They'll set you up and take you down faster than a spider with a fly, so as Jesus said, "Be as shrewd as a serpent and as innocent as a dove."  If you're a T.I., the local police are the greatest weapon this Democrat/Nazi government has to surgically remove you from the scene, because if you're poor and ask for a public defender, they're going to give you a compromised attorney who will be another gang-stalker.  This isn't fun and games, and this isn't America anymore.  This is Nazism that they're simply calling the "deep state."  Know this:  every institution that a person has, in the past, relied on for truth, justice, and help, have all been infiltrated and compromised by the gang-stalking syndicate, and this is so that when they go after a Target, they can make sure they have no where to run, no where to hide, and no way to defend themselves.  Homeless shelters, churches, charities, police, attorneys, government officials, insurance companies:  expect them to be compromised and to have gang-stalkers on their pay-role.  This is NOT paranoia:  it's a FACT that I have spent years having to find out the hard way.  And this entire scenario is painted vividly in the book The Protocol Elders of Zion, in which the Talmud Kabbalah Zionists looked forward to the day when all of their Freemason infiltrators would reach critical mass, and their dreams of subduing and enslaving the world to their will would finally come true.  We're there, and their Anti-Christ is alive and on the scene and is about to be revealed. 

In the book, Breaking the Silence: the German Who Exposed the Final Solution, by Walter Laqueur and Richard Breitman, this statement is made:  "The Nazis had treated the Final Solution as a state secret of the highest order."  Today, the idea that the murder of that many people during WWII could possibly be hidden or kept a secret seems ludicrous.  It can't be done, and it wasn't done very well, but that didn't stop the Nazis from lying, denying, and punishing those who spoke of it or revealed it.  In this same way today, gang stalking is treated by the governments, police, and intelligence agencies as the New Nazi state secret of the highest order.    

The Beast of Revelations has one head that had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound was healed, and the head was back.  I believe with all my heart that that head is Nazism, or someone in charge of that arm of the Globalist ruling-class of Davos and the WEF and the UN.  The Jewish Zionist Rothschilds and bankers funded Hitler, and according to the Jewish writing, which they've followed faithfully, The Protocols of the Learned Elders, they considered the death of their fellow Jews to be collateral damage, and "the end justifies the means."   Their end-game, then and now, was to re-establish the Jews in Israel, which they did, but not by the power of God, but by the power of world bankers who do not believe in the Messiah Jesus, but are attempting to make themselves their own Messiah, as their writings attest.  The Anti-Christ comes from their ranks, but he comes by the power of the Zionist bankers and of Satan, who has given them his authority and power.  The Anti-Christ is the head of the Beast, but the Beast is much more than just him:  I believe he is like the American President that is put in office by others who are the ones running things behind the scenes.  The Beast is all of them, but the Anti-Christ is the figurehead, and the Beast is sometimes simply called the Anti-Christ, such as when the news media calls the entire U.S. government ruling-class: "Washington."

And by the power and authority of Satan working through the unbelieving Jewish Zionists bankers, gang stalking has firmly taken root and is just beginning to kill, steal, and destroy people of the West, and most especially the children of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Revelations says that the Dragon, or Satan, goes after those who "hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ", and "for a time, he [the Anti-christ] will overcome them and crush them," which I can personally attest is happening right now.  Through gang stalking, I and many others have been crushed and driven out of society and into homelessness and poverty, where we are further experimented on, mentally tortured, and even further sabotaged, because these gang stalkers laugh at my misery and rejoice at my poverty and they have not abated one ounce since succeeding in overcoming me and driving me down into the dregs of society.  The stalking goes on, no matter what.  I have two bags of items and that's all, and recently, someone got into them while I wasn't looking and opened all my creams and toiletries so that it all spilled all over my clothes, and they stole my sweater while they were at it.  It's hard to imagine someone so devoid of a soul that they would attack the teeny-tiny bit that an old homeless woman has left, and yet, there it is.  I am surrounded by them day and night still, even though they've already won.  This is the Beast, and the Fourth Empire of the book of Daniel with it's bear paws that "crushes the remnant to dust." 

In the book, We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families, by Philip Gourevitch, concerning the "holocaust" in Rwanda in 1994, there is this paragraph:

      "Everyone was called to hunt the enemy," said Theodore Nyilinkwaya, a survivor of the massacres in his home village of Kimbogo.  "But let's say someone is reluctant.  Say that guy comes with a stick.  They tell him, 'No, get a masu,' (club with nail spikes) So, OK, he does, and he runs along with the rest, but he doesn't kill.  They say, 'Hey, he might denounce us later. He must kill. Everyone must help kill at least one person.' So this person who is not a killer is made to do it. And the next day it's a game for him. You don't need to keep pushing him." 

And this one that hits so close to my own life and heart:

      "Rwandan culture is a culture of fear," Nkongoli went on, "I remember what people said."  He adopted a pipey voice, and his face took on a look of disgust: "'Just let us pray, then kill us,' or 'I don't want to die in the street, I want to die at home.'"  He resumed his normal voice.  "When you're that resigned and oppressed, you're already dead.  It shows the genocide was prepared for too long.  I detest this fear. These victims of genocide had been psychologically prepared to expect death just for being Tutsi. They were being killed for so long that they were already dead."  . . . "Yes, I got tired of the genocide.  You struggle for so long, then you get tired."  

I don't know exactly when the gang stalking started in my life because there is a profound enigma that I must wrestle with:  Was the diabolical man I was married to for ten years the original gang stalker sent in to slow-kill me; and having finally and decidedly failed to achieve that one goal, when I survived to write a book about his lies, thefts, and abuses and then dare to publish it, at the same time I moved to another city and away from his dominating control over me, was he, in fact, the one who got me put on the gang stalking list, when all else he had done finally failed, and I was no longer within a short enough distance over which to maintain surveillance and control anymore?  

The timing of the gang stalking, and the timing of me throwing off all restraint in resisting my ex-husband's domination, coercion and bribes, was exactly timed; and when I told my ex that a white van had been parking in front of my house on Signal Mountain and wouldn't leave, the excitement and joy in his voice, even as he said, "Really!?" conveyed the thrill of an outrageously successful endeavor, and even of him being personally flattered, as though "the gang came through for me; I'm loved!"   What doesn't help his cause is:  the things the gang stalkers, police, and intelligence agencies are doing to me now, he was doing to me the entire time I knew him.  He was obsessed with spying on me and my children; he hacked our emails and cell phones; he set-up bad situations for me with his relatives, then faded into the background to watch when the longed-for arguments ensued; he wired an audio device in my car that called his cell phone when noise was detected; he spied through mine and my kids computer cameras and audio; he sabotaged every job I got; and he maintained complete control of us all by always knowing what we were saying and doing in private, so that he knew exactly how to act and what to say to counter any teaching or truth I tried to convey to my children or anyone else, so that he went behind my back constantly to turn people against me; and he made me appear crazy and mentally unfit, even though I was telling the truth and he was a chronic, compulsive liar and a closeted homosexual who got-off on secretly emotionally torturing the woman/wife in his dungeon.  He was also in it for the long haul, like the syndicate, and though it took him years, he finally wore down everyone, especially my children, to denounce, betray and abandon me; and in the last two years, I have been isolated from all family, friends, and support, with him at the helm of it all.  And when the gang stalking started, for the first time in over three decades, he completely disappeared from my life and told people, "I don't want anything to do with her," when before, daily, he had his fingers in every pie whether I wanted him there or not.  

But, by the time I got away, he no longer needed anything to do with me.  All he had to do from then on out was get on my dark gang stalking profile and read all about my minute by minute suffering, and all that was being said about me and done to me by his fellow militia of sadistic stalkers.  He could gaze at a profuse amount of images and videos of me by his murderous comrades.  In as much as he would start evil for me in the past then fade into the background to simply watch without speaking or acting in my defense, he now was doing exactly that to the utmost extreme.  He lost control of me, so he signed me up for the gang stalking list, and now, he's faded into the darkness to merely watch me being slow-killed while he pretends to have nothing to do with it.  He even got with a woman, the first woman since our divorce over two decades ago, and he got with her right when I was signed up to be gang stalked (or at least, the first that I was being allowed to know I was gang stalked.)  The only question is:  is his new woman an FBI gang stalking asset too, or is she just deluded and deceived, as he did me when I was young?  Who knows, but for his intents and purposes:  she's his asset, all the same, whether she knows it or not; because in the past, anytime I caught him doing me wrong and lying about it, he invariably pulled in a third-party to squat down and hide behind while my arrows went into the third-party instead of into the rightful person to blame:  him.  


I have zero reason to believe that he was not my first gang stalker, and the one who robbed me of every last relationship, home, and child, and signed me up to be slow-killed. From the time I met him, he pretended to be afraid of the FBI.  It took a long time, but I finally saw that, no, he is not afraid of the FBI.  He is one of their assets, and he had tried to distance himself from them, as though they were enemies, so that I wouldn't suspect what he really was.  Perhaps the whole marriage was arranged by the intelligence community and was a fraud; and there I was: young, innocent, and oblivious.  I married in good faith; he married for the joy of the game of a bloodless-kill.  I was sleeping with the enemy from day one, and from day one, the torture ensued from him. 


And then the argument goes:  why, when I was only 21 years old, did the government send this man in to torture and slow-kill me?  Well, I had just become an outspoken Christian; I was consistently writing letters to the paper arguing against abortion; and the Vocational Rehabilitation arm of the government had sent me to have a two hour long I.Q. test with a clinical psychologist for college funding, and I scored MENSA, and I worked a puzzle that the doctor said, "In my fourteen years of giving these tests, you are the first one to work that puzzle." (Ding, ding, ding, went the FBI/CIA bells.)  Since then, I've learned that the syndicate slow-kills the highly intelligent who have little family support and who are pretty-much loners.  In other words, they kill the socially-weak who are smart enough to see through and stand up against their deceits, Satanism, and diabolical machinations against society.  I am what the Zionist Jews, the Protocol Elders, call in their writings, "an upstart" that they must "deal with" and take-down, no matter how unlikely it is that I, Pamela Ayn Austen, could ever make a noise louder than a leaf blowing across the road. 


Scripture says, "The evil run away when no one is pursuing them; but the righteous are bold as a lion."     

What if I likened gang-stalking to a concentration camp?  A META virtual concentration camp, of sorts, that has real world application?  It has walls and fences, because when the syndicate has power over the banks, they can shut down your accounts, stop loans, cancel cards, repossess cars that aren't in default but a day, and any other financial sabotage they choose to commit.  They can set you up, as they did me, to get easy loans, then make you lose your job so you can't make a payment, then lower the hammer with no grace period, until your credit score is finally in the three and four hundred range, and good luck getting an apartment with that!  Good luck getting a car with that!  Good luck getting most good jobs with that!  They can evict you from apartments with no notice, then claim you owe an apartment $4000 and put it on your credit report, whether it's true or not, and good luck EVER getting another apartment with that looming charge out there.  For that matter, good luck ever getting a lawyer to help you fight it, because the syndicate has hacked your phone and know what lawyers you're trying to reach, and they'll bribe or blackmail that lawyer into running as far from you as they can.  Oh, you're alone in this, friend.  And here is where I fulfill Biblical prophecy and say, "Who is like the Beast, and who can make war with it?"   

We need banks, we need loans, we need good credit, we need a car:  they know this.  

We need family who support us when we're down; we need friends who believe us and have our back:  they know this. 

We need privacy, autonomy, time to ourselves, and the right to pursue happiness and well-being, and we need the ability to work, earn a living, and support ourselves:  they know this.  

They know the human condition and the human need, and they have their people stationed, at critical mass, in every position in the corporate world, banking world, apartment world, police world, and every crook and cranny of civilized society, to take it all away from a Target, like me. 

So I ask again:  What if I liken gang-stalking to a concentration camp?  Yes, I'm walled in, but there's more.  It's a funnel.  The walls narrow down, down, down, to funnel me into shelters, soup kitchens, community day centers, where, with so many others who are there due to drugs, crime, and mental illness, I am grouped in with them, as one of them, and I can easily be permanently labeled, discredited, and crushed out of functioning in society.  That's what has been happening to me.  And yet, Jesus reminds me that he too was numbered with transgressors, and he was put to death between two thieves.  

In the end, the point of gang stalking someone, someone who refuses to right-0ff kill themselves from a broken heart but keeps enduring it for years, is to take a viable member of society and turn them into the lowest common element of any people-group, (those in deep poverty), which removes any and all respect, dignity, and basic honor that they could ever hope to receive from the people around them.  Even the Bible says, "Even the poor hate the poor," and "Even a poor man's relatives hate him, and his friends go far from him; and though he pursues them with pleadings, they are gone," and, "Though a poor wise man saves a city, no one will remember or respect him, due to his poverty."  

The point of gang stalking is to so impoverish the enemy that they are laughable, helpless slaves that pose no more threat.  

A people familiar with the Bible, as Satan is, and have twisted it and used it for their own advantage for millennia  so that they might rule over a poor people whom they have enslaved monetarily, came up with the intrigue of gang stalking.  The money lenders.  The Synagogue of Satan.  The Beast, to whom the Dragon, Satan, gives all of his power and authority.  Look to the Zionists, though not all Jews, for a "remnant shall be saved," and that remnant of Jews to be saved are those who have received, trusted in, and followed Jesus Christ, the true Messiah.  Jews who love Jesus, and add no Judaic Law to God's saving-Gospel grace, are saved.  Zionist Judaism Talmud-believing Jews are the Synagogue of Satan: so says God Almighty in his eternal, holy Word; and according to God, they are the Beast that will be thrown into the lake of fire, because it is they who have destroyed the entire world with their greed, conniving, and intrigue against the whole human race, by taking the entire money supply into their control, thereby taking all of society into their control, and then controlling it with a mind to its destruction.  Because they are thieves, and "the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy."  

A State Of Martial Law: America Is A Military Dictatorship Disguised As A Democracy (ZeroHedge)

DHS Awards $20 Million To Program That Flags Americans As Potential "Extremists" For Their Online Speech  (ZeroHedge)   Sept. 2023     This article skirts along the truth that this is government-funded "slow-kill" gang-stalking of innocent Americans who merely don't carry water for the left-leaning, godless Democrats and Globalists.  This article shows who is paying for the gang-stalking syndicate (FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, third-party security agencies, local police, local sheriff, etc.) to harass, stalk, distract, discredit, set-up, and 24 hour surveil and psychologically torment innocent Americans, like me, for their agenda of "jail, institution, or death.  I had thought maybe it was rich Globalists like George Soros, and maybe world-wide, it is, but here in America, tax-payers are funding their own destruction and the destruction of their neighbors; and not only are they funding it, but millions are actively participating as the million-man, standing army of gang-stalkers and destroying and slow-killing their fellow citizens, believing that they alone represent "America", even though America was never founded on their principals, but just the opposite, and this syndicate is an interloper and destroyer of faith, hope, love, and freedom.  But even gang-stalkers are slaves of the state, and they are more controlled and surveilled than even the Targets they're helping to destroy.   The Department of Homeland Security is funding my slow-kill, unjust death. 

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