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The Meaning of Life

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Meaning of Life




Pamela Austen

What is the meaning of life to me?

It is being allowed to communicate with God through Jesus Christ.

The reward that comes from Jesus is more of himself.  To be allowed to hear his voice in my spirit, to have him comfort me through my trials, to feel his forgiveness when I fall, and to hear his spirit teaching me his word,

all of these things are my reward. 

Jesus's rewards are not of this world, because he is not of this world, nor does he want us to focus on this world. 

He does not give worldly gain, wealth, and fleshly pleasures as a form of reward for spiritual obedience.

The reward of Jesus is more of himself.

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Published by Pamela Ayn Austen

Entirely Jesus Editor and Writer Pamela Austen has been writing compiling and publishing Christian books for Entirely Jesus since 2010.  She is a Protestant, born-again Christian, having given her life to Jesus in August of 1987, and she's been diligently studying Scripture every day since then.  Pamela lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, and she is active daily in writing articles and building books that take the Gospel to the world, so that all who believe in Jesus may be saved.   


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