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Meaning of Masonry

Publisher: Entirely Jesus (Jan. 12, 2021)

ISBN-13: 978-1-948229-56-2


The Infiltrators Series:

Book Three

The Meaning of Masonry

The Infiltrators Series looks into old secretive writings that purport to reveal hidden agendas on a mass scale. Are they true; are they not? Book Three revisits The Meaning of Masonry from the 1922 Edition of the writings of Freemason: Walter Leslie Wilmshurts. 

This book has light-editing and Christian commentary in the footnotes

by Pamela Ayn Austen

Here recently, the Vatican has set up a series of statues that depict people in desolation, but when an occult Freemason trick is applied to it, the statues reveal layer upon layer of Freemason Luciferian symbols and stories, showing the pure evil that has been the cornerstone of Freemasonry, which is now coming out and bearing fruit here in 2020-21.

The Anti-Christ will be a Luciferian Freemason crowned by the Pope.

Since Freemasons and the Vatican are now joining forces to become "as one", consider my article:   The W0man in the Basket.

Also, please understand that the term "conspiracy theorist" was created, according to an ex-CIA whistle-blower, by the CIA, to push back against those in the seventies who were reporting on the CIA's brainwashing program, MK-Ultra, which now, of course, is known to all be true and it was never a conspiracy.


This is currently the only book of the three that Amazon will publish.  

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