Men Will Adorn Themselves

More Than Women





Compiled by:

Pamela Ayn Austen

ENOCH 98:1-3

1. And now, I promise you, the wise and the foolish, you shall have manifold experiences on the earth. 


2. For you men shall put on more adornments than a woman, and colored garments more than a virgin; in royalty and in grandeur and in power, and in silver and in gold and in purple, and in splendor and in food they shall be poured out as water.


3. Therefore, they shall be wanting in doctrine and wisdom, and they shall perish together with their possessions; and with all their glory and their splendor, and in shame and in slaughter and in great destitution, their spirits shall be cast into the furnace of fire.

Men dressed as women and clowns

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