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Salt symbolizes God's determination, or our determination to persevere through God's Spirit.  

When we have God's Spirit to persevere in his will, when we have that spiritual determination, we are seasoned with salt.  If we lose the determination to continue with him, then our salt has lost its taste, and God will cast us aside.  See Mark 9:50, Matthew 5:13, Luke 14:34


"'My righteous one will live by faith; and if he turns back, my Spirit will take no pleasure him.' But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their soul."  In other words, we have salt: we are determined to persevere with God, and it preserves our soul.  (see also Luke 14:25-35 for a series of parables about determination, in which Jesus finishes with the idea of salt keeping or losing its taste.)  Salt and Faith. 

When God was determined to destroy a place, such as Moab, he caused salt to be scattered on the ground so that nothing would grow and the land would become desolate.  "Put salt on Moab, for she will be laid waste, her cities will become desolate, with no one to dwell in them." Jeremiah 48:9    Salt and Judgement.

A "covenant of salt", in the Old Testament, was a covenant that God was determined to keep, and determined for us to keep.  That's because all of the Old Testament symbolism pointed to Jesus, and God has always been determined to keep his promises about the Lord Jesus Christ and our salvation through him.  Salt and Covenant.

Paul said, "Let your conversation be seasoned with salt, and have peace with one another."   Perhaps meaning, don't be so eager for peace with others that you stop being determined to stand strong for God; on the other hand, don't let your zeal for God drive others away due to your legalism and harshness.  Maintain your spiritual determination, but be peaceable, loving, and kind about it.  Be seasoned with salt; don't become a pillar of salt.  Salt and Zeal.


Which brings me to Lot's wife:

Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt because God was determined to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and spread salt on the entire land so that it could never recover and be rebuilt.  When Lot's wife turned back, yearning for her life at Sodom and grieving for its demise, she entered herself into Sodom's judgment and punishments, and so she was turned into salt too.  She became a permanent symbol of God's determination to destroy human pride and the excesses of godlessness.  Salt and Permanency.   

Salt is the symbol of God's determination, or his Spirit's determination working within us to remain faithful to him. 

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