This list will be added to regularly.  Words below that are colored in bold blue have an article attached to them. 

Bear:  Corporations; something that incorporates

Bird:  All birds represent influence, or an influencer. And eagle flies the highest, representing a person who has the most powerful influences in higher echelons of society; and smaller birds influence those in more lowly positions.  

Bird Wings:  The facilitator of the influence; the greater the wing span, the greater the spread of the influence or message.  The more powerful the wings, (i.e. eagle), the more aggressive the message.

Blood:  God's love and life

Brass or Bronze:  Propitiation; Atonement for many

Fire:  Judgment that condemns entirely

Horn: Authority and power

Horse: Strong, widespread movement

Hour: According to the Apocalypse of Abraham, an hour is four hundred years, for God calls the time of Egypt's enslavement of the Jews an hour

Iron:  Severity

Valley of Jehoshaphat:  Jerusalem

Wine and Oil:  Worldly wealth; luxurious wealth

Clouds:  God's power to hide the truth, letting it be seen only by faith

Dragon:   Satan

Drunkenness:  Mind of a beast

Eagle: Influential; *see bird

Eagle's Wings:  *See bird wings

Eyes:  Spiritual Insight

Finger of God: Word of God 

Flood: Complete, overwhelming covering

Gold: Perfection

Leopard:  Many races mixed, and the tumult and hate between them 

Lion:  Avenger of truth

Lioness:  Defender of truth

Out of the Earth:   government

Rain: God's blessings

Ribs:  Nations

Salt:  God's determination, or our determination to persevere by God's Spirit 

Sea:  Masses of people or many nations

Stork:  See Birds, and then Bird Wings

Statue: Human pride

Wings of the Wind, or Wind in the Wings:  spiritual movement

Wings Outstretched:  A full covering   (Isaiah 8:8b), it was also used in the same sentence

as a flood that "covers the whole land."  

Scripture Symbols List

Four Winds:  All directions

Water:  Grace

Wind: Spiritual mover of circumstances

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