This list will be added to regularly.  Words below that are colored in bold blue have an article attached to them. 

Arrow:  Words that sink deep into the heart

Bear:  Corporations; something that incorporates

Bird Wings:  something fleeting, moving or happening fast

Blood:  God's love and life

Brass or Bronze:  Propitiation; Atonement

Eyes:  Our personal judgment concerning what we see and hear;  Eyes that good judge by God's word and truth; Eyes that are bad judge in any other way besides through God's word or truth. Eyes are the flame of the lamp, which is the heart, and faith is the oil in the lamp from which the good eyes become the flame of light.      

Fat: Well-being

Fire:  The Spirit's judgment, letting pass without harm those and that which is spiritually holy, and those whom God has cleansed; and burning up all that is unholy and sinful.  The Holy Spirit is represented as the fire of God.  

Fish:  Truth from the depths of the heart 

Flood: Complete, overwhelming covering

Four:  Having to do with all of creation, whether in heaven or on earth

Four Winds:  The four spirits of heaven taking something out into all the earth, in all directions

Frog:  the deceitfulness of duplicity

Gold: Perfection

Horn: Authority and power

Horse: Strong, widespread movement

Hour: According to the Apocalypse of Abraham, an hour is four hundred years, for God calls the time of Egypt's enslavement of the Jews an hour

Iron:  Severe, unrelenting

Lamp:  Faith

Lamp that burns:  a person that actively and consistently gives testimony about the truth, Jesus, and the gospel, by their faith

Leaves:  spiritual health, either green and healthy, or withered

Leopard:  Something predatory by nature

Lion:  That which causes great fear as it devours something entirely, leaving nothing; it is ferocious rapacity (aggressive greed)

Oil:  Faith

Out of the Earth:   government

Pillars:  houses and protects knowledge  ("Wisdom has hewn out her seven pillars": perfect protection over God's wisdom.)

Rain: God's blessings

Ribs:  Nations

Robe:  Honor if it's clean and bright, dishonor if it's dirty or torn

Salt:  God's determination, or our determination to persevere by God's Spirit 

Scroll:  God's mysterious creation brought forth by his Word; rolled up is hidden, unrolled is revealed

Sea:  Masses of people or many nations

Smoldering Wick:  a person who still has faith in Jesus, but has stopped actively giving their testimony, due to discouragement (see Lamp)

Statue: Human pride

Tree:  a tree with fruit is a person who has the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit helps them bear fruit for God.  A tree with no fruit is a person who does not have the Holy Spirit, but they work under natural instinct alone.  See "wood". 

Valley of Jehoshaphat:  Jerusalem

Vulture:  an enemy that attacks the weak, having waited for the right opportunity 

Wine and Oil:  Worldly wealth; luxurious wealth

Water:  Grace

Wood:  Natural instinct, without the Holy Spirit

Clouds:  God's power to hide the truth, letting it be seen only by faith

Dragon:   Satan

Drunkenness:  Mind of a beast

Wings of the Wind, or Wind in the Wings:  fast spiritual movement

Wings Outstretched:  A full covering   (Isaiah 8:8b), it was also used in the same sentence

as a flood that "covers the whole land."  

Scripture Symbols List

Wind: Spiritual mover of circumstances; the choosing, presence, and movement of God's Spirit 

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