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 Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

Publisher: Entirely Jesus (Dec. 9, 2020)

ISBN-13: 978-1-948229-55-5

Paperback:  $11.90  (includes shipping)

Amazon banned this book.  It must now

be bought through the Entirely Jesus site with Paypal. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

The Infiltrators Series:

Book Two

Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

The Infiltrators Series looks into old secretive writings that purport to reveal hidden agendas on a mass scale. Are they true; are they not? Book Two revisits Secret Instructions of the Jesuits from the 1857 translation.  Just as The Protocols have been attacked as being an anti-Semitic fraudulent writing, the Secret Instructions of the Jesuits has been attacked as being a purely anti-Catholic fraud.  But, I don't think so.

Here recently, the Protocol Zionists and the Vatican have signed a partnership called the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, in an effort to dominate the world with a central government that pretends to only be looking out for the poor. Hint: the Vatican, who molests and, some-say, sacrifice children, and the Banking Elite Zionists, who kidnap and kill children for blackmail purposes, care nothing for the poor.  And is it a wonder that they proceed in the name of charity and mercy, since Satan comes in as a angel of light? (article)

Since they are now joining forces to become "as one", consider my article:

The W0man in the Basket.

Also, please understand that the term "conspiracy theorist" was created, according to an ex-CIA whistle-blower, by the CIA, to push back against those in the seventies who were reporting on the CIA's brainwashing program, MK-Ultra, which now, of course, is known to all be true and it was never a conspiracy.


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