Pamela Ayn Austen

What Water Symbolizes in


What Water Symbolizes in Scripture

Water is God's grace. 

  • Baptism symbolizes the full submersion into God's grace when we trust in Jesus and share in his death and resurrection. 

       Water and Resurrection.

  • Jesus said in John 3:5 that a person must be born again through water and the spirit. We are born again when God shows us grace through our faith in Jesus, and then gives us his Holy Spirit.  Water and God's Spirit

  • Water and blood flowed from Jesus's side when they pierced him; it was grace and atonement for sin.  Water and Forgiveness

  • At Noah's flood, God's judgment did not come as fire to permanently destroy; it came as water, which showed God's grace in allowing the earth to revive and live again.  Water and Hope

  • An ever-flowing fountain, in God's word, is the continuous and faithful grace we are shown as sinners, so that we cannot lose our salvation due to stumbling into sin.  God's grace is sufficient and permanent, like a fountain springing up into everlasting life, and the gently, flowing waters of Shiloh.  Water and Forever Saved

Perhaps Jesus walked on water to show that he is the Lord of grace, as he is Lord of the Sabbath, Lord of all things, lest we should look to his gifts without seeing the Giver of the gift.  Jesus is greater than all of his gifts, and they are given by and through him.