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Poem:  Whispered Rumor


Pamela Ayn Austen

Poem: Whispered Rumor

Image: Unknown

I love goodness.

I love purity.

I love all that is right.

But to find it in me?

I cannot.

I looked for it years ago.

I looked for it last month.

To find it today?

I cannot.

It isn't in my mind.

It isn't in my heart.

To say it's in my works?

I cannot.

But there is a rumor.

God whispered it to man.

Do I claim it as my notion?

I cannot.

I tell it like a dream.

I tell it in a song.

Do I sing it to perfection?

I cannot.

He whispered, "It is Jesus."

He said the Lord is true.

Do I assume God is lying?

I cannot. 

Salvation is in Jesus.

All hope is in him.

Do I shun it like the wicked?

I cannot.

Then what should I do?

Announce it to all.

Hiding God's rumor,

I cannot.

I flee from the world.

I race to his arms.

Will I perish in my sins?

I cannot.

I whisper God's rumor.

I point to the Lord.

I would save you myself, but,

I cannot.

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