Pamela Ayn Austen

Witch-doctoring The Covid-19

Witch-doctoring is based on the premise that illness is due to spirits and witchcraft, and it uses nonsensical items and words to combat spells and spirits.  It has nothing to do with reason and knowledge, and absolutely nothing to do with God the Creator.  Rather, it is based on fear of the unknown, with certain people taking full advantage of that fear by assuming the role of witch doctor, which in turn opens the way to deceptions that are so obvious they're comical.     


As I stood in a store today, during this supposed pandemic, and I looked at the Plexiglas square in front of the cashier, and I stood on a sticker that was stuck to the floor that read, "Stay back six feet,"  and I saw the face mask setting beneath the cashier's nose, and the latex gloves that had probably been on her hands for hours (thus defeating their purpose), I began asking myself: "Is this witch-craft?  Is it sorcery?  It's certainly widespread delusion, and it seems to align most closely with witch-doctoring." 

The Plexiglas square was literally a 2x2 square of plastic.  There was a big hole in the middle of it where people were sticking their hand through and swiping their credit card on the repeatedly-used machine; and all around the Plexiglas square, it was entirely open air.  It had zero actual functionality; it was for show, and therefore, it was illusion and deceit.  Similarly, at McDonald's drive-thru windows, the Plexiglas squares are taped up high on the window, leaving the lower, face-to-face window between employee and customer entirely wide open, as always.  Again, zero functionality, all for show, and therefore illusion and deceit.  I asked one McDonald's employee who was taking my money, "What is that sheet of plastic up there supposed to do?"  She said, "I don't know; but everyone is using them now." 


Take that in.  I don't know [what good it's doing], but everyone is using them now.  


My son called it Security Theater.  Even so, what is its purpose?  Are we all deluded children, unable to cope with reality, and so the government and especially corporations must deceive us into trusting them and their kabuki theater, rather than trusting God?  They laugh at people like me for saying I trust in God, and yet, they try to take God's place, saying, "Trust us," when in fact, they have no merit on which to base trust.  Throw away your faith in the real Creator of heaven and earth, and trust us for putting witch-doctor trinkets in your path to save you from a virus.  I should trust McDonald's because they prominently display a Plexiglas square high above their drive-thru window?  I should trust Walgreens because they put stickers on the floor saying, "Stay back six feet"?  I should trust Walmart because they're funneling people into their store between two rows of shopping carts, with masked teenage employees yelling, "remain apart"? 


This is, in fact, as I stated in my article about the Bear's Feet of the Beast, corporatism crushing the people; and this goes beyond crushing.  It's wading now into corporations playing God with people's lives, and assuming their theater and lies will be enough to control the masses.  They are literally preparing the world to be dominated by the anti-Christ, whom Scripture describes as a Master of Intrigue.  (Intrigue:  an intricate and deceitful scheme to accomplish a sinister goal.)  How can we tell that that is what's happening?  Because corporations, coupled with government power, are performing deceitful theater throughout the entire world, in every community, with witch-doctoring techniques, pretending that they alone know what is best in dealing with the "invisible enemy", and the whole world is following them and going after them.  They are performing and telling blatant, in-your-face lies, and demanding all of the earth obey them.  They are deceivers.  And Scripture tells us, "No lie comes from the truth." 1 John 2:21  Putting a square of Plexiglas high above an open window, then letting on like that Plexiglas is warding off a virus from entering the wide-open window, is a bold faced lie, and it's witch-doctoring, and its sole purpose is to dominate, brain-wash, and control the world with intrigue.  It's of the devil.    

This I know:  the Bible says in the last days, the anti-Christ will come on the scene using all manner of deceiving signs and wonders, and he will come to us using all of Satan's deceptive tricks.  "The seductive mistress of sorcery, who betrays nations by her prostitution, and clans by her witchcraft." Nahum 3:4  

I believe this Covid-19 is a forerunner and a test-run to the coming sorcery, witch-craft, and witch-doctoring that we're about to see explode into the world, and we're being primed for it: one step into world-wide deception at a time.  We're seeing it now in part; but soon, we will see it in whole.  Jesus said it would be very difficult to be a Christian in the last days.  The whole world will be controlled by the master of intrigue Daniel 8:23 , and the world will follow and worship him, because they'll be blinded by God's curse, (not witches' curses), and the Apostle Paul said, "For this reason, God will send them strong delusion to believe the lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth (about Jesus) and delighted in wickedness."  2 Thessalonians 2:11-12


It will be more than just hard to be a Christian; we will go to our death standing for the truth against the onslaught of widely accepted lies and strong delusion.  Because if anyone really thinks that these witch-doctor techniques around town are actually saving our lives from a microscopic virus, we're in trouble already.  


Even so, come Lord Jesus.  Revelations 22:20

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