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5. Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and told me, "Now lift up your eyes and see what is approaching." 6. "What is it?" I asked.  And he replied, "It is a measuring basket that is approaching." Then he continued, "This is their iniquity in all the land." 7. And behold, the cover of  lead was raised, and there was a woman sitting inside the basket. 8. "This is Wickedness," he said.  And he shoved her down into the basket, pushing down the lead cover over its opening. 9. Then I lifted up my eyes and saw two women approaching, with the wind in their wings.  Their wings were like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth. 10. "Where are they taking the basket?" I asked the angel who was speaking to me. 11. "To build a house for it in the land of Babylon," he told me. "And when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its pedestal." 

In the Old Testament, Israel was referred to as God's wife; and God's wife liked to play the adulteress with other so-called gods, such as Baal.  Israel was leaving the Lord's house, their one true God and spiritual husband, and they were worshiping and giving themselves intimately to another guy, Baal, and other false gods with him, such as Tammuz and Dagon. 

Not only was Israel playing the adulteress against her husband, they were outright prostitutes about it, because they were cheating on God with lots of other guys; in fact, any guy that came along.  So God, Israel's husband, began to call her Sodom to rebuke her. 

The woman in the basket is spiritual adultery against God by going away from his written Word, and disobeying him to serve false gods. 

The basket is the culmination of all the sins of the religious leaders who warped each individual Law or Word of God, and then they intricately wove the perversions of God's Law into an entire religious/political system. In this first case, it's Judaism. 


The Jews' sins were woven into a system that carried one main idea:  Apostasy against God.   Hence, that which was hidden within the systemic sins of the leaders, the woman in the basket, was willful apostasy against God.

So that is the basket and the wicked "adulterous" woman in it. 

The lead lid is secrecy.  Jewish leaders secretly corrupted the Law of God, and most of the people didn't realize they were following wrong doctrine when they obeyed them.  Also, the Jewish leaders were secretly worshiping false gods in hidden rooms, which was an abomination before God, and God said that by doing it, they were driving God far from Israel.  See Ezekiel 8.  The spirit of apostasy was hidden from the common citizenry of Israel, as the leaders pretended to be ministering God's Word, but in hidden rooms, they were worshiping the Sun god and Moon god, and images of reptiles and unclean birds, etc.   


This wicked religious system would be moved, however.  It has two owners in the end, and I'll start with the first owner: 


Israel, and in particular, the religion of Judaism, which God said had perverted the law that God had given to Moses, and God said in Jeremiah 8:8: "How do you say, 'We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us?'  But in fact, the lying pen of the scribes has produced a deception." And again 4:22: "For my people are fools; they have not known me.  They are foolish children, without understanding. They are skilled in doing evil, but they do not know how to do good." 

Then we see two female beings with stork wings arrive. In keeping with the imagery of the adulteress wife of God, (the woman), and after asking Jesus, I believe they symbolize the two covert spirits that secretly help this system of apostasy against God, first in one place, until they move it to another.   


Why do they have stork wings? 


Birds in Scripture represent influence, or an influencer, and the bigger the bird, like an eagle, the higher up in society echelons its influence goes. The wings are the facilitator of the influence, and the wider the wing span, the greater the spread of its influence.  I believe that "wind in the wings, or wings of the wind" symbolizes spiritual movement: spiritual movement that brings earthly circumstances into being. 

And so, here it is:  The two women with outstretched stork wings represents the spirits of spiritual adultery against God, which is idol worship, and their huge, outstretched wings represents the worldwide influence their spiritual apostasy would have. The wind in their wings represents the spiritual movements that would bring this spiritual apostasy from one owner, Judaism, to another owner.    


So, these two winged beings represent the covert operatives of this Spirit of Religious Apostasy that had its origins in God's wife, Israel, or the religion of Judaism, but behold, something is about to change, and it's going to have to move it's office across town. 

Why do the covert operatives pick up the apostate system and fly it to Babylon?  What's Babylon?  

Enter the New Testament church, or Jesus's "bride".  Here we have the idea that God's church is a bride and an eventual wife, as Israel was referred to in the Old Testament.  And then, here enters a system that perverts God's Word, uses deceit and cunning and violence to remain in control, and worships idols instead of Jesus. 


What idols? Mary, dead saints, statues, rosary beads, crucifixes, and perhaps a new "co-regent on earth with Jesus", a Pope.  Also, it's been discovered that the Catholic priests secretly worship Lucifer while preaching and singing in Latin; they sexually abuse children, and many Catholic priests are homosexuals who try to keep it a secret with deceit.


The Apostle Peter builds a church, is crucified upside down, and then, from seemingly out of nowhere, in creeps the horrors of Catholicism.  Here is the second owner of this basket, or this system of apostasy against God.  The Apostle Paul said in Acts 20:29: "I know that after my departure, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.  Even from your own number, men will rise up and distort the truth and draw away disciples after them." 

As Jews sat in Moses's seat and perverted all that Moses stood for, the Catholics claim they sit in Peter's seat in Rome, and they've perverted all that Peter stood for.  If Judaism had lying pens going to town on the Law, Catholics have had lying pens going to town on the Gospel. And there are many malicious similarities between Judaism and Catholicism besides Baal and false-god worship, such as, when they wanted to kill someone, they handed them over to civil authorities, in particular Rome, so as to keep themselves free from bloodshed.


So who is Babylon?  Just as God called Judaism Sodom, God calls Catholicism Babylon.    


The Romans went in and absolutely obliterated Judaism's Temple and the Jews in A.D. 70.  So, the spiritual covert operatives of Religious Apostasy picked up their entire system of secret defiance against God, and they moved it.  And we're told in verse 11 where they were taking their system: "To build a house for it in the land of Babylon. And when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its pedestal."  At the time this prophecy was written, Catholicism did not yet exist, so a house had to be "built for it." 

What house?  The Vatican.  

And here's something interesting:  I believe the woman in the basket, who hides under the lead lid of secrecy, comes out to become the lavish Great Harlot that rides the red beast in Revelations.  It is the same woman, first in the book of Zachariah, hiding in a basket, and then in Revelations, boldly riding a beast.


The secrecy doesn't entirely end, but for anyone who just opens their eyes and looks, Catholicism's adulteries and pagan behavior are right out in the open, and she worships the same false gods as all of the "empires" before her, and all of the false gods that Israel ran after so as to anger their husband: God. 


The Vatican and Catholicism do not even try to hide their pagan worship.  Every door frame, every statue, every painting, all of the architectural design, along with the priest's outfits, and the Pope's hats and garb and staffs, it ALL has pagan gods and pagan symbols as decoration; but it isn't really decoration.  They are pagans, and they worship false gods, all while lying and claiming they worship the one true God.  


It's ALL the same spirit or spirits of Apostasy against God.  The woman in the basket becomes the Great Harlot on the Beast. 


So, I guess the last part of this is: who exactly are the two covert operatives?  

I believe, simply, they are the Spirits of Sodom and Babylon. God uses the imagery of Sodom for Jews, and Babylon for Catholics.  And it is under these two lawless, godless, self-honoring, idol-worshiping, sexually vile spirits of Sodom and Babylon that 

Judaism and Catholicism have functioned, ever since the Jews of Moses made a golden calf in the wilderness and had an orgy around it, to now, as the Catholics bow to Mary, and commit rampant homosexuality among their priests, along with rampant child pedophilia.  They both worshiped Baal and Tammuz and Dagon.  They both blew kisses to the Sun God.    


These are the two spirits that covertly usher around the adulterous religions that were both maliciously formulated from God's Word, one from the Old Testament, and one from the New Testament.  And God has said, "Come out of her, my people, and do not take a share in her punishments." Rev. 18:4

As well, I believe in Scripture, outstretched wings represents great, world-wide influence, and these two spirits have outstretched stork wings, which is a bird with the greatest wing span in the world next to the condor.  The spirits of Sodom (pride) and Babylon (idol worship), have been working through Judaism, then the Roman Empire, and then the Roman Catholic Church, since the days of Jesus.  For it was the woman hiding in the basket, Judaism, who convinced Rome to crucify Jesus; and then the woman came out of the basket and became Rome's shameless whore.  

JUST A NOTE:  the Pope carries around a staff, and at the top, it has two heads of a snake.  Catholics say it is in recognition of the bronze snake erected in the days of Moses to heal the people, but I think it actually represents the two women with stork wings, the two spirits of  spiritual apostasy against God, (the Old Testament apostasy and the New Testament apostasy), the apostasy that started in Judaism and will end in Catholicism:  Sodom and Babylon.  

Pope's Two Headed Snake Staff

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