Abba's House, Dr. Ron Phillips, and The Silence of the Spirit

Abba's House, Dr. Ron Phillips,

And the Silence of the Spirit

In the nineties, a large church in Hixson Tennessee called Central Baptist Church began undergoing a tremendous transformation, engineered by the pastor, Dr. Ron Phillips. He claimed that while away on a trip, God gave him an experience in a hotel room, and by that claim, Dr. Phillips began to turn our traditional Baptist church into a Word of Faith congregation, or as I learned later, a New Apostolic Reformation church, though few had heard of that movement back then because it was only just arriving as a new "theology",

a "new" gospel.


Ron Phillips drove out the trustees and took over all monies, and he began a campaign of severe domination over the faith of everyone in the church. He began calling himself Thee Prophet in keeping with the secretive NAR network, and he said that God did not speak through anyone at Central Baptist anymore but him. While hundreds of people poured out of the church, many families were deliberately driven out by Ron Phillips and his associates. He ruled everyone with an iron fist, and he used fear tactics to keep people cowed down, and if anyone disagreed with his new and weird theology, he threatened them with expulsion and called them "out of line."


He and his associates used slander and lies and bullying and persecution and character assassination to manipulate the congregation; and those who could not be bullied, Ron Phillips found ways to maliciously and deviously kick them out of the church. I'm one of those people, and this is my true story, and this is my warning to anyone who follows the false doctrine of the Word of Faith teachers and especially the NAR. It is my opinion that Central Baptist was stolen from its congregants to be converted into a New Apostolic Reformation cult called: Abba's House.


But in Revelations 2: 2-3, Jesus said, "I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false." I found Dr. Phillips to be man who strives to invent new theology, and you can see this in the books he's written, always wanting to come up with new thoughts to draw people away from the simplicity of Christ, and to make them his disciples instead. Concerning one of his books, he wrote: "You won't find this anywhere else."


Why not? Because he makes out that God reveals new teachings to him, and he takes his stand on his own visions and fleshly experiences; but against those who try to correct him with the actual word of God, he rails and pushes them out of "his" church, and then he tells his followers that he is being persecuted because of his outstanding spiritual powers. Beware!!

Beware of that wolf, that hireling, that voice of deceit.

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