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Entirely Jesus Press belongs to me: Pamela Ayn Austen


I believe:

Jesus is the only begotten Son of God,

Jesus is the Word of God,

Jesus is the Bread that comes down out of heaven for mankind,

Jesus is the Messiah,

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Jesus,

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God,

Jesus loves us all deeply.


Pamela Austen


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Entirely Jesus Press began in 2008;

Since then, Entirely Jesus books and large print Bibles have been 

bought and distributed throughout the entire world by the power, grace and glory of

Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

The Lord took me through a three year trial and testing beyond anything

I had gone through before, and for three years I was unable to write, 

edit, or design even one book; but during that same time, my

previously made books began to sell all over the world like never before,

and Jesus showed himself faithful, that while I was out of commission, 

he took over and caused my seed to grow into a fruitful vine that peppered the globe with

God's word; and I know that long after I have left this earth, they will still be in the hands and hearts of readers who love the Lord too, and who are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Jesus showed me that he, and he alone, is the power and the glory, 

and through no work or knowledge of my own did my book sales begin to increase

right when I was at my weakest: betrayed and abandoned by everyone

I knew, and put on the FBI-enforced list to be Gang Stalked into 

complete "slow-kill" destruction by a million-man-standing army of saboteurs, and having every last thing, every last relationship, job, vehicle, and effort plundered and sabotaged from me.

I was left penniless, homeless, helpless, and preyed upon 24/7, with absolutely

no compassion or concern from anyone I knew, not even my own 3 grown children or

any church I went to for help. 

For three years I was buried from every mind and heart,

and lived isolated, helpless, and suffering with Jesus alone as my strength and

confidant and savior.  At one point, living in my SUV due to the constant sabotage of every job I had by gang stalkers and police and FBI-Fusion Center stalkers, I was chased all over the eastern half of he United States: from Pennsylvania to Cleveland Ohio, to St. Louis, Texas, Florida, the Carolinas, West Virginia, Washington DC, Kentucky and home to Tennessee, then back over all these states and more, all over again, panhandling the entire way, with gang stalkers and police hounding my every second, surrounding me on every Interstate, through every big city, little town, backroad, and exit.  I went to sleep at truck stops surrounded by them, and I woke up to their honking and yelling at me.  All alone, with Jesus's miraculous provision, I discovered that there is literally no place a Target can go to take refuge in America but in Jesus, and I know I have seen the Bear Paws of the Beast of Revelations, (that slices people's lives apart and crushes what's left to powder), and have lived to tell about it.  And I saw how Jesus was faithful every day to give me gas money and food money by the hand of a hundred kind strangers, and he kept me healthy and strong, and Jesus allowed no one to touch me.

The worst of it was the realization that I had been betrayed into these people's hands by my FBI-asset, malignant narcissist ex-husband, Tim Alexander, and our three offspring whom he had been turning against me systemically since they were tiny children, with the help of his mother, with diabolical deceit and narcissistic cult-like mind-control, while hacking and spying on our phones, computers, and vehicles so he would know just how to manipulate us all. Then after betraying me into homelessness, none of them cared about my life or whether I lived or died.  In fact, it's fair to say that these children God gave me, that I bore and raised up with all the love in my heart, now wished me dead, due to the brainwashing of their father and his cult family.  They all ran and got on the sides of my enemies to cause me distress and sorrow, and they left me completely alone.  As I was being chased like an animal all over the eastern U.S., suffering from need and constant poverty and isolation, I was also grieving the loss of my children's hearts; and the murderous evil of a man I used to be married to; and how the whole lot of them were of the devil, and there was nothing I could do for them anymore.   After decades of prayers and pleading with Jesus, through many tears for the life of their eternal souls, it had all come to this:  them turning me over to a demonic secret-society DHS-funded mob to be "slow-killed" with "touchless torture", and to be made homeless, with their last words to me being vicious curses against both Jesus and me.  They had come to associate me so closely to Jesus that when my children cursed me, they invariably cursed "that God of yours" Jesus as well. 

And what's more, being homeless in my vehicle, I couldn't work anymore, and I couldn't build books or write articles for Jesus, and I thought all my work was lost. 

Everything had been taken from me:  everything.  

"I will send you prophets and wise men, and some you will kill, and others you will plunder of their goods, and still others you will chase and persecute from town to town, so that all the righteous blood shed on the earth may be laid at the feet of this generation. " 

Jesus prophesied that fact just before he died, as well as this one: "You will be hated by all because of my name. . . and when they hate you, just know that they hated me before

they hated you."

There was a span of over a year when the only conversation

I had with anyone was with Jesus, for there was no one to talk to or call upon for comfort.

Throughout my trial, however, Jesus never left me, blamed me, or stopped encouraging me, even when I wanted so many times to give up and die.  I can now say, like Israel:

"If it had not been that the Lord was on my side, when so many people rose in 

unison against me, I would surely have perished; but the Lord was my Salvation."

All praise to Jesus Christ, who alone is worthy of love, honor, and all my trust. 

Now, at the end of this three year trial, with Jesus bringing me back up from a simulated death, and back out into the light of life once again, and has given me the means to continue my work for him, for which no human being deserves any credit, I give thanks to Jesus and the Father that I was found worthy to suffer such severe trials in his name; and that the trying of my faith,

which endured to the end, will reap great rewards forever. 

It is finished.  

Over these years, while everyone else I knew was succeeding, prospering, and banding

together to rejoice and sneer at my suffering like the devils God proved them to be,

all alone with Jesus I was planting the seeds of endurance, hope, and faith while suffering vicious, even deadly, persecution, that will reap a harvest of rewards for all eternity,

for the glory of Jesus the Son of God.

In Jesus Christ, I am found worthy of paradise and eternal life through my faith: a faith that

Jesus alone upheld and made powerful in the heavenly realm when I could not

have been weaker or more ready to die.  Jesus was right:  his grace is sufficient.

I have lived the salvation of God; and I will live it forever.

Pamela Ayn Austen

April 2024

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