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The Book of Enoch

Edited into 21st Century American English from the 1917 translation by



 Edited by

Pamela Ayn Austen

Copyright 2018




Concluding Section





1. The book written by Enoch; Enoch indeed wrote this complete doctrine of wisdom which is praised of all men and a judge of all the earth for all my children who shall dwell on the earth, and for the future generations who shall observe uprightness and peace.


2. Let not your spirit be troubled on account of the times; for the Holy and Great One has appointed days for all things.


3. The righteous one shall arise from sleep, shall arise and walk in the paths of righteousness, and all his path and

conversation shall be in eternal goodness and grace.


4. He will be gracious to the righteous and give him eternal uprightness, and He will give him power so that he shall be endowed with goodness and righteousness, and he shall walk in eternal light.


5. Sin shall perish in darkness forever, and shall no more be seen from that day forevermore.







1. “Now, my son Methuselah, call to me all of your brothers, and gather together to me all the sons of your mother; for the word calls me, and the spirit is poured out upon me, that I may show you everything that shall befall you forever.”


2. Methuselah went and summoned to him all of his brothers and assembled his relatives.


3. He spoke to all the children of righteousness and said, “Hear, sons of Enoch, all the words of your father, and hearken to the voice of my mouth; for I exhort you and say to you, beloved, love uprightness and walk in it.


4. Do not draw near to uprightness with a double heart, and associate not with those of a double heart, but walk in righteousness, my sons, and it shall guide you on good paths, and righteousness shall be your companion.


5. For I know that violence must increase on the earth, and a great chastisement be executed on the earth, and all unrighteousness come to an end. Yes, it shall be cut off from its roots, and its whole structure be destroyed.


6. Unrighteousness shall again be consummated on the earth, and all the deeds of unrighteousness and of violence and transgression shall prevail in a twofold degree.


7. When sin and unrighteousness and blasphemy and violence in all kinds of deeds increase, and apostasy and transgression and uncleanness increase, a great chastisement shall come from heaven upon all these, and the holy Lord will come forth with wrath and chastisement, to execute judgement on earth.


8. In those days, violence shall be cut off from its roots, and the roots of unrighteousness together with deceit, and they shall be destroyed from under heaven.


9. All the idols of the heathen shall be abandoned, and the temples burned with fire, and they shall remove them from the whole earth, and they shall be cast into the judgement of fire and shall perish in wrath and in grievous judgement forever.


10. The righteous shall arise from their sleep, and wisdom shall arise and be given to them.


11. After that, the roots of unrighteousness shall be cut off, and the sinners shall be destroyed by the sword . . . shall be cut off from the blasphemers in every place, and those who plan violence and those who commit blasphemy shall perish by the sword.


12. Now I tell you, my sons, and show you the paths of righteousness and the paths of violence. Yes, I will show them to you again that you may know what will come to pass.


13. And now, hearken to me, my sons, and walk in the paths of righteousness, and walk not in the paths of violence;

for all who walk in the paths of unrighteousness shall perish forever.”








1. After that, Enoch began to recount from the books, and Enoch said, “Concerning the children of righteousness and concerning the elect of the world, and concerning the plant of uprightness, I will speak these things.


2. Yes, I Enoch will declare to you, my sons, according to that which appeared to me in the heavenly vision, and which I have known through the word of the holy angels, and have learned from the heavenly tablets.”


3. And Enoch began to recount from the books and said, “I was born the seventh in the first week, while judgement and righteousness still endured.


4. After me, there shall arise in the second week great wickedness, and deceit shall have sprung up; and in it, there shall be the first end. In it, a man shall be saved; and after it is ended, unrighteousness shall grow up, and a law shall be made for the sinners.


5. After that, in the third week at its close, a man shall be elected as the plant of righteous judgement, and his posterity shall become the plant of righteousness forevermore.


6. After that, in the fourth week, at its close, visions of the holy and righteous shall be seen, and a law for all generations and an enclosure shall be made for them.


7. After that, in the fifth week, at its close, the house of glory and dominion shall be built forever.


8. After that, in the sixth week, all who live in it shall be blinded, and the hearts of all of them shall godlessly forsake wisdom. And in it a man shall ascend; and at its close, the house of dominion shall be burned with fire, and the whole race of the chosen root shall be dispersed.


9. After that, in the seventh week shall an apostate generation arise, and many shall be its deeds, and all its deeds shall be apostate.


10. At its close shall be elected the elect righteous of the eternal plant of righteousness, to receive seven-fold instruction concerning all His creation.


11. For who is there of all the children of men that is able to hear the voice of the Holy One without being troubled? And who can think His thoughts? And who is there that can behold all the works of heaven?


12. How should there be one who could behold the heaven, and who is there that could understand the things of heaven and see a soul or a spirit and could tell of it, or ascend and see all their ends and think them or do like them?


13. Who is there of all men that could know what is the breadth and the length of the earth, and to whom has been shown the measure of all of them?


14. Or is there anyone who could discern the length of the heaven and how great is its height, and upon what it is founded, and how great is the number of the stars, and where all the luminaries rest?


15. After that, there shall be another, the eighth week, that of righteousness, and a sword shall be given to it that a righteous judgement may be executed on the oppressors, and sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.


16. At its close, they shall acquire houses through their righteousness, and a house shall be built for the Great King in glory forevermore, and all mankind shall look to the path of uprightness.


17. After that, in the ninth week, the righteous judgement shall be revealed to the whole world, and all the works of the godless shall vanish from all the earth, and the world shall be written down for destruction.


18. After this, in the tenth week in the seventh part, there shall be the great eternal judgement, in which He will execute vengeance among the angels.


19. The first heaven shall depart and pass away, and a new heaven shall appear, and all the powers of the heavens shall give seven-fold light.


20. After that, there will be many weeks without number forever, and all shall be in goodness and righteousness, and sin shall no more be mentioned forever.







1. Now I say to you, my sons, love righteousness and walk therein; for the paths of righteousness are worthy of acceptation, but the paths of unrighteousness shall suddenly be destroyed and vanish.


2. And to certain men of a generation shall the paths of violence and of death be revealed, and they shall hold themselves afar from them, and shall not follow them.


3. Now I say to you the righteous: walk not in the paths of wickedness, nor in the paths of death, and do not draw near to them, lest you be destroyed.


4. But seek and choose for yourselves righteousness and an elect life, and walk in the paths of peace, and you shall live and prosper.


5. Hold fast to my words in the thoughts of your hearts, and suffer them not to be effaced from your hearts; for I know that sinners will tempt men to wickedly reject wisdom, so that no place may be found for her, and no manner of temptation may diminish.



Woes for the Sinners



6. Woe to those who build unrighteousness and oppression, and lay deceit as a foundation; for they shall be suddenly overthrown, and they shall have no peace.


7. Woe to those who build their houses with sin; for from all their foundations shall they be overthrown, and by the sword shall they fall. And those who acquire gold and silver, in judgement suddenly shall perish.


8. Woe to you, you rich, for you have trusted in your riches, and from your riches shall you depart, because you have not remembered the Most High in the days of your riches.


9. You have committed blasphemy and unrighteousness, and have become ready for the day of slaughter, and the day of darkness and the day of the great judgement.


10. Thus I speak and declare to you: He who created you will overthrow you, and for your fall there shall be no compassion, and your Creator will rejoice at your destruction.


11. And the righteous ones in those days shall be a reproach to the sinners and the godless.







1. Oh that my eyes were a cloud of waters, that I might weep over you, and pour down my tears as a cloud of waters, so I might rest from my trouble of heart!


2. Who has permitted you to practice reproaches and wickedness? And so judgement shall overtake you sinners.


3. Fear not the sinners, you righteous; for again will the Lord deliver them into your hands, that you may execute judgement upon them according to your desires.


4. Woe to you who fulminate anathemas which cannot be reversed; healing shall therefore be far from you because of your sins.


5. Woe to you who take revenge against your neighbor with evil; for you shall be requited according to your works.


6. Woe to you, lying witnesses, and to those who weigh out injustice, for suddenly shall you perish.


7. Woe to you, sinners, for you persecute the righteous; for you shall be delivered up and persecuted because of injustice, and heavy shall its yoke be upon you.







1. Be hopeful, you righteous, for suddenly shall the sinners perish before you, and you shall have lordship over them according to your desires.


2. In the day of the tribulation of the sinners, your children shall mount and rise as eagles, and higher than the vultures will be your nest, and you shall ascend and enter the crevices of the earth, and the clefts of the rock forever as coneys before the unrighteous, and the sirens shall sigh because of you, and weep.


3. Fear not, you that have suffered; for healing shall be your portion, and a bright light shall enlighten you, and the voice of rest you shall hear from heaven.


4. Woe to you, sinners, for your riches make you appear like the righteous, but your hearts convict you of being sinners, and this fact shall be a testimony against you for a memorial of your evil deeds.


5. Woe to you who devour the finest of the wheat, and drink wine in large bowls, and tread underfoot the lowly with your might.


6. Woe to you who drink water from every fountain, for suddenly shall you be consumed and wither away, because you have forsaken the fountain of life.


7. Woe to you who work unrighteousness and deceit and blasphemy; it shall be a memorial against you for evil.


8. Woe to you, you mighty, who with might oppress the righteous; for the day of your destruction is coming. In those days, many and good days shall come to the righteous, in the day of your judgement.



The Evils in Store for Sinners and The Possessors of Unrighteous Wealth






1. Believe, you righteous, that the sinners will become a shame and will perish in the day of unrighteousness.


2. Be it known to you, you sinners, that the Most High is mindful of your destruction, and the angels of heaven rejoice over your destruction.


3. What will you do, you sinners, and where will you flee on that day of judgement, when you hear the voice of the prayer of the righteous?


4. Yes, you shall fare like unto them, against whom this word shall be a testimony, “You have been companions of sinners.”


5. In those days, the prayer of the righteous shall reach the Lord, and for you the days of your judgement shall come.


6. All the words of your unrighteousness shall be read out before the Great Holy One, and your faces shall be covered with shame, and He will reject every work which is grounded on unrighteousness.


7. Woe to you, you sinners, who live on the mid ocean and on the dry land, whose remembrance is evil against you.


8. Woe to you who acquire silver and gold in unrighteousness and say, "We have become rich with riches, and we have possessions, and have acquired everything we have desired;


9. And now let us do what we purposed, for we have gathered silver, and many are the husbandmen in our houses, and our granaries are full, as with water.


10. Yes, and like water your lies shall flow away; for your riches shall not abide, but they will speedily ascend from you;

for you have acquired it all in unrighteousness, and you shall be given over to a great curse.








1. Now, I promise you, the wise and the foolish, you shall have manifold experiences on the earth.


2. For you men shall put on more adornments than a woman, and colored garments more than a virgin; in royalty and in grandeur and in power, and in silver and in gold and in purple, and in splendor and in food they shall be poured out as water.


3. Therefore, they shall be wanting in doctrine and wisdom, and they shall perish together with their possessions; and with all their glory and their splendor, and in shame and in slaughter and in great destitution, their spirits shall be cast into the furnace of fire.


4. I have promised you, you sinners, as a mountain has not become a slave, and a hill does not become the handmaid of a woman, even so, sin has not been sent upon the earth, but man of himself has created it, and under a great curse shall they fall who commit it.


5. And barrenness has not been given to the woman, but on account of the deeds of her own hands, she dies without children.


6. I have promised you, you sinners, by the Holy Great One, that all of your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens, and that none of your deeds of oppression are covered and hidden.


7. Do not think in your spirit or say in your heart that you do not know and that you do not see that every sin is every day recorded in heaven in the presence of the Most High.


8. From now on, you know that all your oppression with which you oppress is written down every day until the day of your judgement.


9. Woe to you, you fools, for through your folly shall you perish; and you transgress against the wise, and so good happenings shall not be your portion.


10. And now, know that you are prepared for the day of destruction; so do not hope to live, you sinners, but you shall depart and die; for you know no ransom; for you are prepared for the day of the great judgement, for the day of tribulation and great shame for your spirits.


11. Woe to you, you obstinate of heart, who work wickedness and eat blood. From where have you good things to eat and to drink and to be filled? From all the good things which the Lord the Most High has placed in abundance on the earth; therefore, you shall have no peace.


12. Woe to you who love the deeds of unrighteousness; from where do you hope for good happenings for yourselves? Know that you shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous, and they shall cut off your necks and slay you, and have no mercy upon you.


13. Woe to you who rejoice in the tribulation of the righteous; for no grave shall be dug for you.


14. Woe to you who set as nothing the words of the righteous; for you shall have no hope of life.


15. Woe to you who write down lying and godless words; for they write down their lies that men may hear them and act godlessly towards their neighbor.


16. Therefore, they shall have no peace but die a sudden death.








1. Woe to you who work godlessness, and glory in lying and extol them; you shall perish, and no happy life shall be yours.


2. Woe to them who pervert the words of uprightness, and transgress the eternal law, and transform themselves into what they were not: into sinners. They shall be trodden underfoot upon the earth.


3. In those days, make ready, you righteous, to raise your prayers as a memorial, and place them as a testimony before the

angels, that they may place the sin of the sinners for a memorial before the Most High.


4. In those days, the nations shall be stirred up, and the families of the nations shall arise on the day of destruction.


5. And in those days, the destitute shall go forth and carry off their children, and they shall abandon them, so that their children shall perish because of them. Yes, they shall abandon their children that are still sucklings, and not return to them, and they shall have no pity on their beloved ones. 


6. Again, I promise you, you sinners, that sin is prepared for a day of unceasing bloodshed.


7. They who worship stones and grave images of gold and silver and wood and stone and clay, and those who worship impure spirits and demons and all kinds of idols, not according to knowledge, shall get no manner of help from them.


8. They shall become godless by reason of the folly of their hearts, and their eyes shall be blinded through the fear of their hearts, and through visions in their dreams.


9. Through these they shall become godless and fearful; for they shall have wrought all their work in a lie, and shall have worshiped a stone. Therefore, in an instant, shall they perish.


10. But in those days, blessed are all they who accept the words of wisdom and understand them, and observe the paths of the Most High, and walk in the path of His righteousness, and become not godless with the godless; for they shall be saved.


11. Woe to you who spread evil to your neighbors; for you shall be slain in Sheol.


12. Woe to you who make deceitful and false measures, and who cause bitterness on the earth; for they shall be utterly consumed.


13. Woe to you who build your houses through the grievous toil of others, and all their building materials are the bricks and stones of sin; I tell you, you shall have no peace.


14. Woe to them who reject the measure and eternal heritage of their fathers, and whose souls follow after idols; for they shall have no rest.


15. Woe to them who work unrighteousness and help oppression, and slay their neighbors until the day of the great judgement.


16. For He shall cast down your glory, and bring affliction on your hearts, and shall arouse His fierce indignation, and destroy you all with the sword; and all the holy and righteous shall remember your sins.







1. In those days, in one place, the fathers together with their sons shall be smitten, and brothers one with another shall fall in death, until the streams flow with their blood.


2. For a man shall not withhold his hand from slaying his sons and his sons' sons, and the sinner shall not withhold his hand from his honored brother; from dawn until sunset, they shall slay one another.


3. And the horse shall walk up to the breast in the blood of sinners, and the chariot shall be submerged to its height.


4. In those days, the angels shall descend into the secret places, and gather together into one place all those who brought down sin, and the Most High will arise on that day of judgement, to execute great judgement among sinners.


5. And over all the righteous and holy, He will appoint guardians from among the holy angels, to guard them as the apple of an eye, until He makes an end of all wickedness and all sin, and though the righteous sleep a long sleep, they have nothing to fear.


6. The children of the earth shall see the wise in security, and shall understand all the words of this book, and recognize that their riches shall not be able to save them in the overthrow of their sins.


7. Woe to you, sinners, on the day of strong anguish, you who afflict the righteous and burn them with fire; you shall be requited according to your works.


8. Woe to you, you obstinate of heart, who watch in order to devise wickedness; therefore shall fear come upon you, and there shall be none to help you.


9. Woe to you, you sinners, on account of the words of your mouth, and on account of the deeds of your hands which your godlessness as wrought; in blazing flames burning worse than fire shall you burn.


10. And now, know that from the angels, He will inquire as to your deeds in heaven, from the sun and from the moon and from the stars in reference to your sins, because upon the earth you execute judgement on the righteous.


11. He will summon to testify against you every cloud and mist and dew and rain; for they shall all be withheld because of you from descending upon you, and they shall be mindful of your sins.


12. Now give presents to the rain that it be not withheld from descending upon you, nor yet the dew, when it has received gold and silver from you that it may descend.


13. When the hoar-frost and snow with their chilliness and all the snow storms with all their plagues fall upon you, in those days, you shall not be able to stand before them.







1. Observe the heaven, you children of heaven, and every work of the Most High, and fear Him and work no evil in His presence.


2. If He closes the windows of heaven and withholds the rain and the dew from descending on the earth on your account, what will you do then?


3. And if He sends His anger upon you because of your deeds, you cannot petition Him, for you spoke proud and insolent words against His righteousness, therefore, you shall have no peace.


4. And see the sailors of the ships, how their ships are tossed to and fro by the waves, and are shaken by the winds, and are in sore trouble?


5. They fear because all of their goodly possessions go upon the sea with them, and they have evil forebodings of heart that the sea will swallow them and they will perish therein.


6. Isn't the entire sea and all of its waters and all its movements the work of the Most High, and has He not set limits to its doings, and confined it throughout by the sand?


7. At His reproof, it is afraid and dries up, and all its fish die and all that is in it; but you sinners that are on the earth fear Him not.


8. Has He not made the heaven and the earth and all that is in them? Who has given understanding and wisdom to everything that moves on the earth and in the sea?


9. Do not the sailors of the ships fear the sea? Yet sinners fear not the Most High.







1. In those days, when He has brought a grievous fire upon you, where will you flee, and where will you find deliverance?

When He launches forth His Word against you, will you not be frightened and fear?


2. All the luminaries shall be frightened with great fear, and all the earth shall be frightened and tremble and be alarmed.


3. All the angels shall execute their commands, and shall seek to hide themselves from the presence of the Great Glory.

And the children of earth shall tremble and quake; and you sinners shall be cursed forever, and you shall have no peace.


4. Fear not, you souls of the righteous, and be hopeful, you that have died in righteousness.


5. Grieve not, if your soul into Sheol has descended in grief, and that in your life, your body fared not according to your goodness, but wait for the day of the judgement of sinners, and for the day of cursing and chastisement.


6. And yet, when you die, the sinners speak over you, “As we die, so die the righteous, and what benefit do they reap for their deeds?


7. Behold, even as we, so do they die in grief and darkness, and what have they more than we? From now on, we are equal.


8. And what will they receive and what will they see forever? Behold, they too have died, and from now on, forever, shall they see no light.”


9. I tell you, you sinners, you are content to eat and drink, and rob and sin, and strip men naked, and acquire wealth and see good days.


10. Have you seen the righteous, how their end falls out, that no manner of violence is found in them until their death?


11. “Nevertheless, they perished and became as though they had not been, and their spirits descended into Sheol in tribulation.”







1. Now therefore, I promise the righteous, by the glory of the Great and Honored and Mighty One in dominion, and by His greatness, I swear to you:


2. I know a mystery, and have read the heavenly tablets, and have seen the holy books, and have found written therein and

inscribed regarding them,


3. That all goodness and joy and glory are prepared for them, and written down for the spirits of those who have died in righteousness, and that manifold good shall be given to you in recompense for your labors, and that your lot is abundantly beyond the lot of the living.


4. And the spirits of you who have died in righteousness shall live and rejoice, and their spirits shall not perish, nor their memorial from before the face of the Great One, unto all the generations of the world; therefore, no longer fear their contumely.


5. Woe to you, you sinners, when you have died, if you die in the wealth of your sins, and those who are like you say regarding you, “Blessed are the sinners; they have seen all their days.


6. How they have died in prosperity and in wealth, and have not seen tribulation or murder in their life; and they have died in honor, and judgement has not been executed on them during their life.”


7. Know that their souls will be made to descend into Sheol, and they shall be wretched in their great tribulation.


8. Into darkness and chains and a burning flame where there is grievous judgement shall your spirits enter; and the great judgement shall be for all the generations of the world. Woe to you, for you shall have no peace.


9. Say not in regard to the righteous and good who are in life, “In our troubled days, we have toiled laboriously and experienced every trouble and met with much evil and been consumed, and have become few and our spirit small.


10. And we have been destroyed and have not found any to help us, even with a word; we have been tortured and destroyed, and we have not hoped to see life from day to day.


11. We hoped to be the head, and we have become the tail. We have toiled laboriously, and we have had no satisfaction in our toil. And we have become the food of the sinners and the unrighteous; and they have laid their yoke heavily upon us.


12. They have had dominion over us; they that hated us and smote us. And to those that hated us, we have bowed our necks,

but they pitied us not.


13. We desired to get away from them that we might escape and be at rest, but we found no place where we should flee and be safe from them.


14. And we complained to the rulers in our tribulation, and cried out against those who devoured us, but they did not attend to our cries, and they would not hearken to our voice.


15. And they helped those who robbed us and devoured us and those who made us few; and they concealed their oppression, and they did not remove from us the yoke of those that devoured us and dispersed us and murdered us, and they concealed their murder and remembered not that they had lifted up their hands against us.








1. I promise you that in heaven, the angels remember you for good before the glory of the Great One; and your names are written before the glory of the Great One.


2. Be hopeful, because even though before you were put to shame through ill and affliction, now, you shall shine as the lights of heaven, you shall shine and you shall be seen, and the portals of heaven shall be opened to you.


3. And in your crying, cry for judgement, and it shall appear to you; for all your tribulation shall be visited on the rulers, and on all who helped those who plundered you.


4. Be hopeful, and cast not away your hopes, for you shall have great joy as the angels of heaven.


5. What shall you be obliged to do? You shall not have to hide on the day of the great judgement, and you shall not be found as sinners, and the eternal judgement shall be far from you, for all the generations of the world.


6. Fear not, you righteous, when you see the sinners growing strong and prospering in their ways; be not companions with them, but keep far from their violence; for you shall become companions of the hosts of heaven.


7. Although you sinners say, “All of our sins shall not be searched out and be written down,” nevertheless, they shall write down all your sins every day.


8. And now, I show you that light and darkness, day and night, see all of your sins.


9. Be not godless in your hearts, and lie not, and alter not the words of uprightness, nor charge with lying the words of the Holy Great One, nor take account of your idols; for all of your lying and all of your godlessness issue not in righteousness but in great sin.


10. And now, I know this mystery: that sinners will alter and pervert the words of righteousness in many ways, and will speak wicked words and lie, and practice great deceits, and write books concerning their words.


11. But the righteous will write down truthfully all of my words in their languages, and will not change or diminish anything from my words, but they will write them all down truthfully, all that I first testified concerning them.


12. Then, I know another mystery: that books will be given to the righteous and the wise to become a cause of joy and uprightness and much wisdom.


13. To them shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice over them, and then shall all the righteous who have learned from them all the paths of uprightness will be recompensed.”








1. In those days, the Lord bade them to summon and testify to the children of earth concerning their wisdom, “Show to them; for you are their guides and a recompense over the whole earth. 


2. For I and My son will be united with them forever in the paths of uprightness in their lives; and you shall have peace; rejoice, you children of uprightness. Amen.

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