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The Book of Enoch

Edited into 21st Century American English from the 1917 translation by



 Edited by

Pamela Ayn Austen

Copyright 2018




The Book of Noah Fragment





1. In the year five hundred, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month, in the life of Enoch: In that Parable, I saw how a mighty quaking made the heaven of heavens to quake, and the host of the Most High, and the angels, a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, were disquieted with a great disquiet.


2. The Head of Days sat on the throne of His glory, and the angels and the righteous stood around Him.


3. A great trembling seized me, and fear took hold of me, and my loins gave way, and dissolved were my reins, and I fell on my face.


4. Michael sent another angel from among the holy ones and he raised me up, and when he had raised me up, my spirit returned, for I had not been able to endure the look of this host, and the commotion and the quaking of the heaven.  Michael said to me, “Why are you disquieted with such a vision? Until this day lasted the day of His mercy; and He has been merciful and long-suffering towards those who dwell on the earth.


5. When the day and the power and the punishment and the judgement comes, which the Lord of Spirits has prepared for those who worship not the righteous law, and for those who deny the righteous judgement, and for those who take His name in vain, that day is prepared, for the elect a covenant, but for sinners an inquisition.


6. When the punishment of the Lord of Spirits shall rest on them, it shall rest in order that the punishment of the Lord of Spirits may not come in vain, and it shall slay the children with their mothers and the children with their fathers. Afterwards, the judgement shall take place according to His mercy and His patience.”


7. On that day were two monsters parted, a female monster named Leviathan, to dwell in the abysses of the ocean over the fountains of the waters.


8. But the male is named Behemoth, who occupied with his breast a waste wilderness named Dûidâin, on the east of the garden where the elect and righteous dwell, where my grandfather was taken up, the seventh from Adam who was the first man whom the Lord of Spirits created.


9. I besought the other angel that he should show me the might of those monsters, how they were parted on one day and cast, the one into the abysses of the sea, and the other onto the dry land of the wilderness.


10. He said to me, “Son of man, why you do seek to know what is hidden.”


11. The other angel who went with me, and showed me what was hidden, told me what is first and last in the heaven in the height, and beneath the earth in the depth, and at the ends of the heaven, and on the foundation of the heaven,


12. The chambers of the winds, and how the winds are divided and how they are weighed, and how the portals of the winds are reckoned, each according to the power of the wind, and the power of the lights of the moon, and according to the power that is fitting, and the divisions of the stars according to their names, and how all the divisions are divided,


13. The thunders according to the places where they fall, and all the divisions that are made among the lightning that it may lighten, and their host that they may at once obey.


14. For the thunder has places of rest which are assigned while it is waiting for its peal; and the thunder and lightning are inseparable, and although not one and undivided, they both go together through the spirit and separate not.


15. For when the lightning lightens, the thunder utters its voice, and the spirit enforces a pause during the peal, and divides equally between them; for the treasury of their peals is like the sand, and each one of them as it peals is held in with a bridle, and turned back by the power of the spirit, and pushed forward according to the many quarters of the earth.


16. The spirit of the sea is masculine and strong, and according to the might of his strength, he draws it back with a rein, and in like manner it is driven forward and disperses amid all the mountains of the earth.


17. The spirit of the hoar-frost is his own angel, and the spirit of the hail is a good angel.


18. The spirit of the snow has forsaken his chambers on account of his strength. There is a special spirit in it, and that which ascends from it is like smoke, and its name is frost.


19. The spirit of the mist is not united with them in their chambers, but it has a special chamber; for its course is glorious, both in light and in darkness, and in winter and in summer, and in its chamber is an angel.


 20. The spirit of the dew has its dwelling at the ends of the heaven, and is connected with the chambers of the rain, and its course is in winter and summer; and its clouds and the clouds of the mist are connected, and the one gives to the other.


21. When the spirit of the rain goes forth from its chamber, the angels come and open the chamber and lead it out, and when it is diffused over the whole earth, it unites with the water on the earth. And whensoever it unites with the water on the earth . . .


22. For the waters are for those who dwell on the earth; for they are nourishment for the earth from the Most High who is in heaven, therefore, there is a measure for the rain, and the angels take it in charge.


23. These things I saw towards the Garden of the Righteous.


24. The angel of peace who was with me said to me, “These two monsters, prepared conformably to the greatness of God, shall feed. . .








1. I saw in those days how long cords were given to those angels, and they took to themselves wings and flew, and they went towards the north.


2. I asked the angel, saying to him, “Why have those taken these cords and gone off?” He answered, “They have gone to measure.”


3. The angel who went with me said to me, “These shall bring the measures of the righteous, and the ropes of the righteous to the righteous, that they may stay themselves on the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.


4. The elect shall begin to dwell with the elect, and those are the measures which shall be given to faith, and which shall strengthen righteousness.


5. These measures shall reveal all the secrets of the depths of the earth, and those who have been destroyed by the desert, and those who have been devoured by the beasts, and those who have been devoured by the fish of the sea, that they may return and stay themselves on the day of the Elect One; for none shall be destroyed before the Lord of Spirits, and none can be destroyed.


6. All who dwell above in the heaven received a command and power and one voice and one light like fire.


7. That One, their first words they blessed and extolled and lauded with wisdom, and they were wise in utterance and in the spirit of life.


8. The Lord of Spirits placed the Elect one on the throne of glory, and He shall judge all the works of the holy above in the heaven, and in the balance shall their deeds be weighed.


9. When He shall lift up his countenance to judge their secret ways according to the word of the name of the Lord of Spirits, and their path according to the way of the righteous judgement of the Lord of Spirits, then shall they all with one voice speak and bless and glorify and extol and sanctify the name of the Lord of Spirits.


10. He will summon all the host of the heavens, and all the holy ones above, and the host of God, the Cherubic, Seraphin and Ophannin, and all the angels of power, and all the angels of principalities, and the Elect One, and the other powers on the earth and over the water.


11. On that day, they shall raise one voice, and bless and glorify and exalt in the spirit of faith, and in the spirit of wisdom, and in the spirit of patience, and in the spirit of mercy, and in the spirit of judgement and of peace, and in the spirit of goodness, and shall all say with one voice, “Blessed is He, and may the name of the Lord of Spirits be blessed forever and ever.”


12. All who sleep not above in heaven shall bless Him, all the holy ones who are in heaven shall bless Him, and all the elect who dwell in the garden of life, and every spirit of light who is able to bless and glorify, and extol and hallow Your blessed name, and all flesh shall beyond measure glorify and bless Your name forever and ever.


13. For great is the mercy of the Lord of Spirits, and He is long-suffering, and all of His works and all that He has created, He has revealed to the righteous and elect, in the name of the Lord of Spirits.








1. The Lord commanded the kings and the mighty and the exalted and those who dwell on the earth, and said, “Open your eyes and lift up your horns if you are able to recognize the Elect One.”


2. The Lord of Spirits seated him on the throne of His glory, and the spirit of righteousness was poured out on him,

and the word of his mouth slays all the sinners, and all the unrighteous are destroyed from before his face.


3. There shall stand up in that day all the kings and the mighty, and the exalted and those who hold the earth, and they shall see and recognize how He sits on the throne of his glory, and righteousness is judged before him, and no lying word is spoken before him.


4. Then shall pain come upon them as on a woman in travail, and she has pain in bringing forth when her child enters the mouth of the womb, and she has pain in bringing forth.


5. One portion of them shall look on the other, and they shall be terrified, and they shall be downcast of countenance, and pain shall seize them, when they see that Son of Man sitting on the throne of his glory.


6. The kings and the mighty and all who possess the earth shall bless and glorify and extol him who rules over all, who was hidden.


7. For from the beginning, the Son of Man was hidden, and the Most High preserved him in the presence of His might, and revealed Him to the elect.


8. The congregation of the elect and holy shall be sown, and all the elect shall stand before Him on that day.


9. All the kings and the mighty and the exalted and those who rule the earth shall fall down before Him on their faces

and worship and set their hope upon that Son of Man, and petition Him and supplicate for mercy at his hands.


10. Nevertheless, that Lord of Spirits will so press them that they shall hastily go forth from His presence, and their faces shall be filled with shame, and the darkness grow deeper on their faces.


11. He will deliver them to the angels for punishment, to execute vengeance on them because they have oppressed His children and His elect.


12. They shall be a spectacle for the righteous and for His elect. They shall rejoice over them, because the wrath of the Lord of Spirits rests upon them, and His sword is drunk with their blood.


13. The righteous and elect shall be saved on that day, and they shall never again see the face of the sinners and unrighteous.


14. The Lord of Spirits will abide over them, and with that Son of Man shall they eat and lie down and rise up forever and ever.


15. The righteous and elect shall have risen from the earth and ceased to be of downcast countenance. They shall have been clothed with garments of glory.


16. These shall be the garments of life from the Lord of Spirits, and your garments shall not grow old, nor your glory pass away before the Lord of Spirits.







1. In those days shall the mighty and the kings who possess the earth implore Him to grant them a little respite from His angels of punishment to whom they were delivered, that they might fall down and worship before the Lord of Spirits, and confess their sins before Him.


2. They shall bless and glorify the Lord of Spirits, and say, “Blessed is the Lord of spirits and the Lord of kings, and the Lord of the mighty and the Lord of the rich, and the Lord of glory and the Lord of wisdom,


3. Splendid in every secret thing is your power from generation to generation, and your glory forever and ever.

Deep are all your secrets and innumerable, and your righteousness is beyond reckoning.


4. We have now learned that we should glorify and bless the Lord of kings and He who is King over all kings.”


5. They shall say, “Would that we had rest to glorify and give thanks and confess our faith before His glory!


6. And now we long for a little rest but find it not. We follow hard upon it and obtain it not, and light has vanished from before us, and darkness is our dwelling-place forever and ever.


7. For we have not believed before Him or glorified the name of the Lord of Spirits, nor glorified our Lord, but our hope was in the scepter of our kingdom, and in our glory.


8. In the day of our suffering and tribulation, He saves us not, and we find no respite for confession that our Lord is true in all His works, and in His judgments and His justice; and His judgments have no respect of persons.


9. We pass away from before His face on account of our works, and all of our sins are reckoned up in righteousness.”


10. Now they shall say to themselves, “Our souls are full of unrighteous gain, but it does not prevent us from descending from the midst into the burden of Sheol.”


11. After that, their faces shall be filled with darkness and shame before that Son of Man, and they shall be driven from his presence, and the sword shall abide before his face in their midst.


12. Thus spoke the Lord of Spirits, “This is the ordinance and judgement with respect to the mighty and the kings and the exalted and those who possess the earth before the Lord of Spirits.”





1. Other forms I saw hidden in that place.


2. I heard the voice of the angel saying, “These are the angels who descended to the earth and revealed what was hidden to the children of men and seduced the children of men into committing sin.”








1. In those days, Noah saw the earth that it had sunk down and its destruction was near.


2. He arose from there and went to the ends of the earth, and cried aloud to his grandfather Enoch, and Noah said three times with an embittered voice: Hear me, hear me, hear me.


3. I said to him, “Tell me what it is that is falling out on the earth that the earth is in such evil plight and shaken, lest perhaps I shall perish with it?”


4. There was a great commotion on the earth, and a voice was heard from heaven, and I fell on my face.


5. Enoch my grandfather came and stood by me and said to me, “Why have you cried to me with a bitter cry and weeping?


6. A command has gone forth from the presence of the Lord concerning those who dwell on the earth that their ruin is accomplished because they have learned all the secrets of the angels, and all the violence of the Satans, and all their powers–the most secret ones–and all the power of those who practice sorcery, and the power of witchcraft, and the power of those who make molten images for the whole earth,


7. And how silver is produced from the dust of the earth, and how soft metal originates in the earth.


8. For lead and tin are not produced from the earth like the first; it is a fountain that produces them, and an angel stands therein, and that angel is pre-eminent.”


9. After that, my grandfather Enoch took hold of me by my hand and raised me up, and said to me, “Go, for I have asked the Lord of Spirits as touching this commotion on the earth."


10. He said to me, “Because of their unrighteousness, their judgement has been determined and shall not be withheld by Me forever. Because of the sorceries which they have searched out and learned, the earth and those who dwell upon it shall be destroyed.”


11. These, they have no place of repentance forever, because they have shown them what was hidden, and they are the damned, but as for you, my son, the Lord of Spirits knows that you are pure and guiltless of this reproach concerning the secrets.


12. He has destined your name to be among the holy, and will preserve you among those who dwell on the earth, and has destined your righteous seed both for kingship and for great honors, and from your seed shall proceed a fountain of the righteous and holy without number forever.








1. After that, he showed me the angels of punishment who are prepared to come and let loose all the powers of the waters which are beneath in the earth in order to bring judgement and destruction on all who dwell on the earth.


2. The Lord of Spirits gave commandment to the angels who were going forth that they should not cause the waters to rise but should hold them in check; for those angels were over the powers of the waters.


3. I went away from the presence of Enoch.








1. In those days, the word of God came to me, and He said to me, “Noah, your lot has come up before Me, a lot without blame, a lot of love and uprightness.


2. Now the angels are making a wooden (building), and when they have completed that task, I will place My hand upon it and preserve it, and there shall come forth from it the seed of life, and a change shall set in so that the earth will not remain without inhabitant.


3. I will make fast your seed before me forever and ever, and I will spread abroad those who dwell with you; it shall not be unfruitful on the face of the earth, but it shall be blessed and multiply on the earth in the name of the Lord.”


4. He will imprison those angels who have shown unrighteousness in that burning valley which my grandfather Enoch had formerly shown to me in the west among the mountains of gold and silver and iron and soft metal and tin.


5. I saw that valley in which there was a great convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.


6. When all this took place, from that fiery molten metal and from the convulsion in that place, there was produced a smell of sulfur, and it was connected with those waters, and that valley of the angels who had led astray burned beneath that land.


7. Through its valleys proceed streams of fire where these angels are punished who had led astray those who dwell upon the earth.


8. But those waters shall in those days serve for the kings and the mighty and the exalted and those who dwell on the earth, for the healing of the body, but for the punishment of the spirit; now their spirit is full of lust, that they may be punished in their body, for they have denied the Lord of Spirits and see their punishment daily, and yet believe not in His name.


9. In proportion as the burning of their bodies becomes severe, a corresponding change shall take place in their spirit forever and ever; for before the Lord of Spirits, none shall utter an idle word.


10. For the judgement shall come upon them, because they believe in the lust of their body and deny the Spirit of the Lord.


11. Those same waters will undergo a change in those days; for when those angels are punished in these waters, these water-springs shall change their temperature, and when the angels ascend, this water of the springs shall change and become cold.


12. I heard Michael answering and saying, “This judgement wherewith the angels are judged is a testimony for the kings and the mighty who possess the earth.”


13. Because these waters of judgement minister to the healing of the body of the kings and the lust of their body, therefore, they will not see and will not believe that those waters will change and become a fire which burns forever.








1. After that, my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the Parables.


2. On that day, Michael answered Raphael and said, “The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgement of the secrets, the judgement of the angels. Who can endure the severe judgement which has been executed, and before which they melt away?”


3. Michael answered again and said to Raphael, “Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it, and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgement that has gone forth upon them because of those who have led them out?”


4. It came to pass when he stood before the Lord of Spirits, Michael said to Raphael, “I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord; for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do as if they were the Lord. Therefore, all that is hidden shall come upon them forever and ever; for neither angel or man shall have his portion in it, but alone they have received their judgement forever and ever.”








1. After this judgement, they shall terrify and make them to tremble because they have shown this to those who dwell on the earth.


2. Behold, the names of those angels and these are their names: the first of them is Samjâzâ, the second Artâqîfâ, and the third Armên, the fourth Kôkabêl, the fifth Tûrâêl, the sixth Rûmjâl, the seventh Dânjâl, the eighth Nêqâêl, the ninth Barâqêl, the tenth Azâzêl, the eleventh Armârôs, the twelfth Batarjâl, the thirteenth Busasêjal, the fourteenth Hanânêl, the fifteenth Tûrêl, and the sixteenth Sîmâpêsîêl, the seventeenth Jetrêl, the eighteenth Tûmâêl, the nineteenth Tûrêl, the twentieth Rumâêl, the twenty-first Azâzêl.


3. These are the chiefs of their angels and their names, and their chief ones over hundreds and over fifties and over tens.


4. The name of the first, Jeqôn, is the one who led astray all the sons of God and brought them down to the earth and led them astray through the daughters of men.


5. The second was named Asbeêl: he imparted to the holy sons of God evil counsel, and led them astray so that they defiled their bodies with the daughters of men.


6. The third was named Gâdreêl: he showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve, and showed the weapons of death to the sons of men, the shield and the coat of mail and the sword for battle and all the weapons of death to the children of men,


7. And from his hand, they have proceeded against those who dwell on the earth from that day and forevermore.


8. The fourth was named Pênêmûe: he taught the children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom,


9. And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to eternity, until this day.


10. For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation to their good faith with pen and ink.


11. For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them; but through their knowledge, they are perishing, and through this power, it is consuming me.


12. The fifth was named Kâsdejâ: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked killings of spirits and demons, and the kilings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away, and the killings of the soul, the

bites of the serpent, and the killings which befall through the noontide heat, the son of the serpent named Tabââ‘ĕt.


13. And this is the task of Kâsbeêl, the chief of the oath which he showed to the holy ones when he dwelt high above in glory, and its name is Bîqâ.


14. This angel requested Michael to show him the hidden name so that he might enunciate it in the oath, so that those might quake before that name and oath who revealed all that was in secret to the children of men.


15. And this is the power of this oath, for it is powerful and strong, and he placed this oath Akâe in the hand of Michael.


16. And these are the secrets of this oath; and they are strong through his oath; and the heaven was suspended before the world was created and forever.


17. Through it the earth was founded upon the water, and from the secret recesses of the mountains come beautiful waters, from the creation of the world and to eternity.


18. Through that oath the sea was created, and as its foundation, He set for it the sand against the time of its anger, and it dare not pass beyond it from the creation of the world to eternity.


19. Through that oath are the depths made fast, and abide and stir not from their place from eternity to eternity.


20. Through that oath the sun and moon complete their course, and deviate not from their ordinance from eternity to eternity.


21. Through that oath the stars complete their course, and He calls them by their names, and they answer Him from eternity to eternity.


22. In like manner, the spirits of the water and of the winds and of all zephyrs and their paths from all the quarters of the winds.


23. There are preserved the voices of the thunder and the light of the lightning; and there are preserved the chambers of the hail and the chambers of the hoarfrost and the chambers of the mist and the chambers of the rain and the dew.


24. All these believe and give thanks before the Lord of Spirits, and glorify Him with all their power, and their food is in every act of thanksgiving; they thank and glorify and extol the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.


25. This oath is mighty over them, and through it, they are preserved and their paths are preserved, and their course is not destroyed.



Close of the Third Parable



26. There was great joy among them, and they blessed and glorified and extolled because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed to them.


27. He sat on the throne of his glory, and the sum of judgement was given to the Son of Man, and he caused the sinners to pass away and be destroyed from off the face of the earth, and those who have led the world astray.


28. With chains shall they be bound, and in their assemblage place of destruction shall they be imprisoned, and all their works vanish from the face of the earth.


29. From henceforth, there shall be nothing corruptible; for that Son of Man has appeared, and has seated himself on the throne of his glory, and all evil shall pass away before his face, and the word of that Son of Man shall go forth and be strong before the Lord of Spirits.








1. It came to pass after this that His name during His lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of Man and to the Lord of Spirits from among those who dwell on the earth.


2. He was raised aloft on the chariots of the spirit and His name vanished among them.


3. From that day, I was no longer numbered among them, and He set me between the two winds, between the North and the West, where the angels took the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous.


4. There I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.








1. It came to pass after this that my spirit was translated, and it ascended into the heavens, and I saw the holy sons of God. They were stepping on flames of fire; their garments were white and their raiment, and their faces shone like snow.


2. I saw two streams of fire, and the light of that fire shone like hyacinth, and I fell on my face before the Lord of Spirits.


3. The angel Michael, one of the archangels, seized me by my right hand, and he lifted me up and led me forth into all

the secrets, and he showed me all the secrets of righteousness.


4. He showed me all the secrets of the ends of the heaven, and all the chambers of all the stars, and all the luminaries, from where they proceed before the face of the holy ones.


5. He translated my spirit into the heaven of heavens, and I saw there as it were a structure built of crystals, and between those crystals tongues of living fire.


6. My spirit saw the girdle which girt that house of fire, and on its four sides were streams full of living fire, and they girt that house.


7. Around about were Seraphin, Cherubic and Ophannin, and these are they who sleep not, and who guard the throne of His glory.


8. I saw angels who could not be counted, a thousand thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand, encircling that house. Michael and Raphael and Gabriel and Phanuel, and the holy angels who are above the heavens, go in and out of that house.


9. They came forth from that house, and Michael and Gabriel, Raphael and Phanuel, and many holy angels without number.


10. With them the Head of Days, His head white and pure as wool, and His raiment indescribable.


11. I fell on my face, and my whole body became relaxed, and my spirit was transfigured, and I cried with a loud voice,

. . .with the spirit of power, and blessed and glorified and extolled.


12. These blessings which went forth out of my mouth were well pleasing before that Head of Days.


13. That Head of Days came with Michael and Gabriel, Raphael and Phanuel, thousands and ten thousands of angels without number.


(Lost passage wherein the Son of Man was described as accompanying the Head of Days, and Enoch asked one of the angels concerning the Son of Man as to who he was.)


14. He came to me and greeted me with His voice, and He said to me, “This is the Son of Man who is born unto righteousness; and righteousness abides over him, and the righteousness of the Head of Days forsakes him not.”


15. He said to me, “He proclaims to you peace in the name of the world to come; for from there has proceeded peace since the creation of the world, and so shall it be to you forever and ever.


16. All shall walk in his ways since righteousness never forsakes him, and with him will be their dwelling places, and with him their heritage, and they shall not be separated from him forever and ever and ever.


17. So there shall be length of days with that Son of Man, and the righteous shall have peace and an upright way in the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.”

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