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Enoch's Prophesy of the Timeline of All Humanity

by Pamela Ayn Austen / September 13, 2018

Important to first note: In The Book of Adam and Eve 1 and 2, God tells Adam that Adam and his righteous off-spring would be released from Sheol/Hell when the Son of God comes to die for them: in 5500 years.  






1. And after that, Enoch began to recount from the books, and Enoch said, “Concerning the children of righteousness and concerning the elect of the world, and concerning the plant of uprightness, I will speak these things.


2. Yes, I Enoch will declare unto you, my sons, according to that which appeared to me in the heavenly vision, and which I have known through the word of the holy angels, and have learned from the heavenly tablets.”



3. And Enoch began to recount from the books and said, “I was born the seventh in the first week, while judgement and righteousness still endured.



4. And after me, there shall arise in the second week great wickedness, and deceit shall have sprung up; and in it, there shall be the first end. And in it, a man shall be saved; and after it is ended, unrighteousness shall grow up, and a law shall be made for the sinners.



5. And after that, in the third week at its close, a man shall be elected as the plant of righteous judgement, and his posterity shall become the plant of righteousness forevermore.


6. And after that, in the fourth week, at its close, visions of the holy and righteous shall be seen, and a law for all generations and an enclosure shall be made for them.



7. And after that, in the fifth week, at its close, the house of glory and dominion shall be built forever.



8. And after that, in the sixth week, all who live in it shall be blinded, and the hearts of all of them shall godlessly forsake wisdom. And in it a man shall ascend; and at its close, the house of dominion shall be burned with fire, and the whole race of the chosen root shall be dispersed.



9. And after that, in the seventh week shall an apostate generation arise, and many shall be its deeds, and all its deeds shall be apostate. 


10. And at its close shall be elected the elect righteous of the eternal plant of righteousness, to receive sevenfold instruction concerning all His creation.


11. For who is there of all the children of men that is able to hear the voice of the Holy One without being troubled? And who can think His thoughts? And who is there that can behold all the works of heaven?


12. And how should there be one who could behold the heaven, and who is there that could understand the things of heaven and see a soul or a spirit and could tell thereof, or ascend and see all their ends and think them or do like them? 


13. And who is there of all men that could know what is the breadth and the length of the earth, and to whom has been shown the measure of all of them?


14. Or is there anyone who could discern the length of the heaven and how great is its height, and upon what it is founded, and how great is the number of the stars, and where all the luminaries rest?


15. And after that, there shall be another, the eighth week, that of righteousness, and a sword shall be given to it that a righteous judgement may be executed on the oppressors, and sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.


16. And at its close, they shall acquire houses through their righteousness, and a house shall be built for the Great King in glory forevermore, and all mankind shall look to the path of uprightness.  


17. And after that, in the ninth week, the righteous judgement shall be revealed to the whole world, and all the works of the godless shall vanish from all the earth, and the world shall be written down for destruction.


18. And after this, in the tenth week in the seventh part, there shall be the great eternal judgement, in which He will execute vengeance among the angels.


19. And the first heaven shall depart and pass away, and a new heaven shall appear, and all the powers of the heavens shall give sevenfold light.


20. And after that, there will be many weeks without number forever, and all shall be in goodness and righteousness, and sin shall no more be mentioned forever.

1st week

2nd week/ NOAH

3rd week/ ABRAHAM

4th week/ MOSES,LAW

5th week/ Solomon's Temple

6th week/ (5500 years) Jesus Death and Resurrection and Destruction of the Temple

7th week/  Catholicism

8th week/ Jesus Returns

Age of Enlightenment

Jesus's Millennial Reign Starts

9th week/ 

Millennial Reign Ends

10th week/         

Great Final Judgment 

For ever and ever, AMEN

Enoch 18: 12. And beyond that abyss I saw a place which had no firmament of the heaven above, and no firmly founded earth beneath it; there was no water upon it and no birds, but it was a waste and horrible place. 13. I saw there seven stars like great burning mountains, and to me, when I inquired regarding them, the angel said,  14. “This place is the end of heaven and earth; this has become a prison for the stars and the host of heaven. 15. And the stars which roll over the fire are they which have transgressed the commandment of the Lord in the beginning of their rising, because they did not come forth at their appointed times. 16. And He was wroth with them, and bound them until the time when their guilt should be consummated for ten thousand years.

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